Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Home And Away

Goodbyes are hard
Even when I technically already moved to Arizona
I moved to Arizona in July and in four short months I fell in love
But come November I decided to come home for the holidays

Nothing beats coming home for the holidays
 My days were filled with family, friends, traditions and lots of Starbuck 
My nephews couldn't get away from me
I loved being home and knew I needed this time before the "real" move came
As January 13th approached I was anxious and torn
I loved the comfort and security of home but loved the excitement of my future in Arizona
I also missed the friends I made in Arizona and the life I already created 

I started packing early today out of giddiness to head back
I said my goodbyes to my family holding back tears
My dad drove me to the airpot on a beautiful Seattle evening
We chatted about the adventure ahead and how I will always have home 
Mt. Rainier stunning as ever, something I forgot being in Arizona
But as I am finally settled and sitting at my gate and the tears start to fall
Oceans is playing which never helps

No matter how much I know Arizona is where I am suposed to be
No matter how much my heart is already in Arizona
No matter how many friends and comfort I have in Arizona
The truth is, when we pursue Gods will life gets hard 
He calls us out of our comfort... This is hard
He calls us to leave our friends and family... This is hard
He calls us to be brave and trust Him into the unknown... This is hard 
No matter how many times, goodbyes never get easier... This is hard 

But I hold onto this truth; 
When we pursue His will... life becomes purposeful 
When we pursue His will... life becomes adventurous 
When we pursue His will... life becomes joyful and hopeful
And when we act on His will we become obedient and Blessings come

I am once again leaving my comfort of home and into the unknown
I will be in Arizona in a new apartment, new roommate, and a new area to explore 
The tears will come, probably daily, and so will the many phone calls home 
Doubt and anxiety will creep into my soul when I am not on guard 
I know trials and tribulations are a guarantee in this life 

But I also know that I am stepping into something greater than my comfort 
This life is about eternity and bringing others with me 
This life is about expanding His Kingdom and bringing hope to this fallen and broken world 
I am stepping into complete surrender and obedience to Him 
I am trusting Him to guide my steps, my decisions, my words and my actions 
I am trusting Him that He is leading me into to His will for my life 
I am trusting and praying His Gory will shine bright in the way I live

I will continue to run my race towards Him wherever He takes me
The Lord has already placed dreams and visions on my heart
 I am trusting Him to show up in radical ways as His plan is revealed through my life 

"Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,
 according to His power that is at work within us.." 
Ephesians 3:20

view from our apartment in Phoenix
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