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My AdvoCare Story 

Are you wondering what AdvoCare is?
Maybe you have heard it before and are curious
Maybe you have seen us on TV or in the NFL locker room
Maybe you are ready to jump #ALLIN2016

Whatever the case, I would love to share how AdvoCare has changed my life 
If anything, you will get to know me a bit more :) 

Being a former NCAA collegiate athlete, I was used to working out, eating what I wanted (and A LOT of it!) and being cautious what supplements we put in our body. 
After I graduated, I continued to eat what I wanted but not workout as much

I was lacking energy and gaining weight FAST
And during this time I was also gaining big dreams I could not afford

I discovered AdvoCare back in January 2013 
I started on product and in the first month I lost 8 pounds
My energy increased, and my cravings decreased drastically! 

Real results- real people!

Fueling your body with clean eating and supplements was a concept I never learned 
This was a healthy lifestyle I knew I could keep 

So, If I love something I share it! Dont you?!
I started sharing Advocare with my family and friends

I was told there was an opportunity to earn income with Advocare and as I continued to share AdvoCare, within a couple weeks, I started seeing a little income

The more people I helped achieve a healthier lifestyle, the more I started to dream bigger
The more people I helped reach their dreams, the more dreams of mine came true 
The more people I helped others achieve time freedom, the more freedom I had

I love helping others
I love helping others get healthy
I love helping others achieve financial freedom
I love giving hope to those who think their dreams have died
I love reminding others we don't have to live paycheck to paycheck 

If you are passionate about health and fitness, interest in AdvoCare products, or if you would like to see if the business is right for you, I'd love to chat with you about joining my team!

Email me HERE and we can set up a time to chat!

Molly, Rachelle and myself at a women's empowering event
I have made some of my best friends through AdvoCare

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