Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Jesus, My Superman

"Every woman was once a little girl. 
And every little girl holds in her heart her most precious dreams. 
She longs to be swept up into romance, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, 
to be the beauty of a story. Those desires are far more than child's play.
 They are the secret to the feminine heart" 
- Stasi Eldredge "Captivated"

Lois Lane grips the seat belt as she hangs from the helicopter that dangles 600 feet above New York 
 Nothing but the concrete jungle below her
She tries to pull herself up, but her grip keeps slipping
One by one her hands let go and she is free falling down to her death 

Or so we thought! 
But then out of no where, Superman sweeps her up mid air 
And Lois Lane falls safely in the arms of Superman 
She is rescued

This is the scene from Superman I watched over and over when I was a little girl
And every time my heart would fill with longing

I wanted to be Lois Lane (maybe not the near death part) 
But, I wanted to fall into Superman's arms
I wanted to be rescued (by Superman in this case) 

Since I can remember, I always had that longing "to be rescued"
When my siblings and I would play dress up, I would always be the princess rescued by the prince
Or we would re-enact the scene of Lois Lane being rescued by Superman 

My heart would set on fire during those "make believe moments" 

As I got older I would still find that longing deep in my heart
I didn't truly understand what it was or the purpose
I thought it was a silly, little girl desire I would out grow
But I didn't
And I sought after to fulfill the longing from boyfriends
Because of that, I would place unrealistic expectations on them
And every time I would be let down by unmet expectations
(Here is a hint: my boyfriends were never meant to fulfill that longing in the first place...
...And neither is yours)  

Then I met Jesus
Ya, I knew who Jesus was before but I never took the time to truly get to know the man 
But after being let down so many times I decided to seek out the only person I have been told, 
"Never lets you down"
So, I sought after this man named Jesus

I would read the Gospels and the life of Jesus every morning
I read about His compassion
His Grace
His Forgiveness
His tender Mercy
And I read about His love
His passionate, radical love to the least of these

I pursued this man more than any boyfriend I ever had
And guess what?
He never let me down
Not once
Every time I opened the Bible He would fill every longing

And I kept reading about Jesus
I could not stop
Then one day I read some verses that changed my life forever

"For God SO loved the world that He gave His only Son (Jesus). 
That whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. 
For God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world, 
but to save the world through Him (Jesus)"
John 3:16-17 


"For the Son of man (Jesus) came to seek and to save what was lost (You and I) "
Luke 19:10 

So, let me get this straight, Jesus came into this world to save me?
You mean, I have been saved?
By Jesus?

You know what this means right?

My rescuer has already saved me
In fact, He saved me over 2,000 years ago
My "falling from a building"rescue has already been completed

This changed EVERYTHING for me and I hope it does for you, too
No more unrealistic expectations put on men
No more unfulfilled and lonely nights
My heart now rests in the fact that I have ALREADY been rescued
I believe God puts longing in our hearts to be reminded that He is the ONLY one who can fill them

And as I continued to study and read more of the Old and New Testament, I realized that the whole BIBLE points to the Jesus's coming as the rescuer 

The whole BIBLE is a story about the world's biggest rescue mission with Jesus being the ultimate rescuer 

So, I may never be rescued falling from a building (heaven forbid)
But, I have been rescued from my sins 
I have been rescued from guilt and shame
I have been rescued from the pressure to be perfect

I have been rescued INTO a life of Grace and Mercy
I have been rescued by The One who saved my soul

And from what I watched when I was a little girl, Superman could never do that  

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