I dream to travel the world and shine the light and love of Christ

I dream of spending my life seeing God's beauty and loving others

I dream to have a marriage that has a ministry and platform to share the gospel

I dream to travel the world serving with my husband

I dream to have a family and raise my children to know Christ and be an example of His love

I dream to live a life devoted to bringing faith, hope and love to children/others all over the nation/world

I dream to visit or serve at every major cities Children's Hospital in the country

I dream to have a platform that allows me to go into hospitals and spread faith, hope and love

I dream to be baptized in the Jordan River with my husband, Beth and Kevin

I dream to be debt free 

I dream of inspiring young women who have walked along the same path as me

I dream of having a marriage that serves others and is a godly example to others

I dream of marrying the man God created for me in front of all my friends and family

I dream of driving the Atlantic ocean road during the fall

I dream of watching a professional or college football game from the sidelines 

I dream of writing and publishing a book 

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