Who I Am

The most important thing you need to know about me,
 I am a follower of Christ
 I am nothing without Him
I have a personal relationship with Him
My purpose is to glorify Him


I am the kinda girl who...

- Needs my cup cups of AdvoCare Spark every day

- Believes that "leaps of faith" are always worth it - Seattle to Arizona

- Can be found singing loudly in the car

- Memorized the lines of The Goonies, 3 Ninjas and Christmas Vacation

- Has BIG dreams in my heart 

- Would rather have a bouquet of flowers than a new pair of shoes

- Loves inspirational quotes and bible verses

- Always wears athletic gear to the airpot (or anywhere actually)

- Had a huge fear of flying and public speaking but starting to love both

- Loves superheros- especially Superman

- Could watch football all day everyday - Go Seahawks!

- Would rather read a good book than watch a movie

- Prefers a ponytail than hair down

- Can never pass up a trip to Trader Joes, Target, Chiptole or Starbucks

- Loves a good game night with friends and family

- Has a passion for my faith, family, friends and living a balanced, healthy lifestyle

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