Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WILW- AdvoCare style

Happy Wednesday!
This week's What I  Love Wednesday I am doing an AdvoCare theme
No secret that I am passionate about AdvoCare 
If you have been reading my blog for awhile you can see my passion has only grown
The supplements have changed my life and the income has increased my dreams


5 Reasons (out 6216355) Why I LOVE AdvoCare This Week 

You guys this stuff has changed my life! 
When my friend told me I had to give up coffee for the 24 Day Challenge I thought - no way! 
I loved my coffee. BUT since my first Spark over a year ago, I have not had one cup of coffee! 
Spark gives me 3-5 hours of lasting energy, 21 vitamins & minerals AND its is  SO good! 
This is the best selling product by AdvoCare for a reason! 
Fruit Punch is my favorite but you can check here for other yummy flavors! 

2)  Oasis

Stressed? No problem! 
Oasis contains a combination of super fruits known for their antioxidants that 
helps your body adapt to physical and other sources of stress. 
Work has been a little stressful this week so Oasis has been my nighttime comfort
I have been drinking it extra hot before bedtime to wind down..
...and good night! 

3) Healthy Lifestyle

Yes, AdvoCare has over 70 products
Yes, AdvoCare has world-class endorsers, doctors and a sports advisory
Yes, AdvoCare products are safe for ALL NCAA, Pro and Olympian athletes

But it is SO much more than all those reasons

Even as a NCAA student-athlete I never knew how to eat clean
I didn't know how to fuel my body correctly
I drank Rockstar at halftime for goodness sake- YUK!

After I graduated I was lost on what to do and discouraged!
Thankfully, AdvoCare does more than sell products to achieve goals
It teaches how to properly eat right to sustain a healthy and balance lifestyle 

Finally, I learned how to eat right
I learned how to fuel my body correctly to optimize my workouts
A healthy lifetime habit

4) Amazing New Friends

AdvoCare is all about relationships
Finding what the goals and desires of the ones you are helping
You get rewarded in this company for helping others win- so cool!
Through this philosophy I have made many new friends along the way
I have an amazing team I am coaching to achieve their fitness goals & financial dreams 

5) I get to dream BIG!

I was SO passionate about what these products were doing in my life I had to share it with my friends and family and because AdvoCare can only be purchased through a distributor, the business of AdvoCare kinda just fell into my lap 
I saw the business potential right away!

The founder of AdvoCare wanted a company that ordinary people could achieve extraordinary salaries
I am on my way to make-up my salary at SPU by THIS summer! 
That is only a year and a half of working 3-5 hours/wk  

I never set out to be a "vitamin" distributor
I did set out to impact people and I am doing that daily

You know what  else AdvoCare has done for me?
I got permission to DREAM BIG

My first paycheck was $150
Now, I am on my way to becoming debt free 
I will pay cash for my mission trip to Africa
I can give more than I ever thought possible to charities

 I would love to share more!

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