Monday, February 3, 2014

Why Not Us? Seahawks Super Bowl Champs!

This is Russell Wilson, quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks
He is a Super Bowl Champion
He is also a man truly inspired a city
His leadership, his ability and his heart to serve others and love God
He has captured the hearts of Seattle 
Finally after a "season of destiny" they brought home the title

There were countless people against the Seahawks
Critics everywhere saying we were too small
Too young
Too cocky
Doing things “different” than the rest of the league
But Wilson kept leading 
The team kept pursuing
Seattle kept believing

Russell Wilson shared a story on Good Morning America about his father would always ask him
“Why Not you Rus?"
"Why cant you win the Super Bowl?"
“I just remember driving in the car with him so many times and him saying, ‘Rus, why not you? Why can’t you be the Super Bowl winning quarterback and do great things with that? 

This got me thinking about how I view my life, my dreams and my God

I put God in a box
I dream too small
I live my comfort zone too often
I live in fear my dreams are too big
I let my critics rule my beliefs 

When did I start thinking I don't deserve His blessings?
When did I start believing He doesn't know my desires?
When did I start believing the world over The Word?

God has ALWAYS showed up
God has ALWAYS filled my dreams
In fact, He didn't just fill them, He created better ones
And the filled those and created more!

God wants you to experience the best life
He wants you to be blessed in this life
That is what God does
That is who He is
He wants to BLESS His children

So, tonight I am going to take a page from Russell Wilson's play book
Why not me?

Why not spread faith, hope and love to children all over the world?
Why not have a marriage that has a platform to change lives?
Why not travel the world spreading the Gods love?
Why not run a charity race in all 50 states?

God has given us all gifts and talents
It is our gift to Him to use them
Why not you?

I don't know if God chose the Seahawks to win
I do like to think God is a part of the 12th man :) 
I do, however,  know that when you have BIG faith, God shows up
I know when you trust God to do BIG things, He shows up
You know why? He wants His glory to shine
This earth is made for His glory
He wants you to be a part of it

Then ask yourself 
Why not?

Who knows, you could be winning the Super Bowl someday

" Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more 
than all we ask or imagine, 
according to His power that is at work within us."
Ephesians 3:20 


Spent the game loving on my friends little man, along with a couple other little kids
They did great during the game!

Seahawk fans for life! Such a fun group to experience this with!

Roommate! We truly are meant to live together
To say we love football is an understatement
Through it all, all season, ups and downs
Couldn't ask for a better friend! 

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  1. i've been to seattle (once!) when i was 12 and fell in love with the city! dying to go back. happy for your super bowl win! cute blog, now following you! xoox

    taylor from anticipation


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