Saturday, April 11, 2015

Such a time as this

So, it has been awhile since I have blogged
In fact , I look back at my last blog and it was well over a month ago
And its not that there has not been anything going on in my life
There actually has been some changes in my life
Which means I have a lot going on in my mind
Which also means I am still trying to figure out how to balance this thing called "life"

I wanted to write about the time my family came down at the end of March...
I wanted to write about all the amazing memories we made at the pool, at the ball park and at the Phoenix Zoo...
I wanted to write about the cutest nephews ever and how much I loved having them down here
I also wanted to write about how hard it was not go home with them and have a family dinner
I wanted to write that no one told me moving away would be this hard
I wanted to write that I cried all the way home form the airport and an hour after I got home
But I didn't and I have to be ok with that
This whole moving away from family is such a bitter sweet process
Home sickness hits me hard but then in an instant I can feel back on track
There is too much peace I feel when I think about my life in Arizona
The best is yet to come!

Palm Sunday with the family at my church City of Grace 

Anyway, I did want to write about the biggest change in my life
I started a NEW JOB!
I started April 1st the day after my family left Arizona

I moved down to Arizona with a burning passion was for non-profit
I knew the Lord was turning my life upside down and Arizona was only the beginning
I knew that my life work was going to consist of ministry and non-profit
I just had NO idea what direction

During the fall I started volunteering for Food for the Hungry
I loved the people and the mission
I volunteered under some really great people who have become great friends
Around February I told my friends at FH (Food for the Hungry) that I was looking for a job
They had no job openings but she sent a link from another non-profit that was looking

The non-profit is called Disciple Nations Alliance
"Helping the church rise to her full potential as Gods principal agent 
in restoring, healing and blessing broken nations"
You can read more about DNA HERE
After two interviews and lots of praying I got the job!
Definitely an answered prayer

"Delight yourself in the Lord and 
He will give you the desires of your heart"
Psalm 37:4

It has been only one full week since I have been working for DNA 
I have been challenged in the most humble way during this new job
My heart is being softened and ignited 
Equipped and prepared

You see,  I have BIG dreams and goals for my life
I believe God has given me the passion, desire and dreams to serve in a big way 
And when coming down here I thought I was ready for those dreams 

I thought that I had the knowledge of a non-profit
Turns out passion doesn't equate to knowledge or experience
I thought that I knew what God was doing around the world
Turns out I have no idea
I thought I was cultured and experienced because I have been to Ethiopia
Turns out, I am not 

Working at the DNA has been expanding my world view, my God view, in the most uncomfortable and exciting way possible

I know what God is doing in MY life
I know what God is doing in the lives of MY close family and friends
I see God moving in and out America's culture 
But I dont know what God is doing in the world around me
I am excited for this season to learn, absorb, prepare and get equipped 
This season I am learning to trust God and His timing 
I am learning God always knows what I need better than I do 
 I am learning that every season has a purpose during His Divine Plan for my life
I am learning to LOVE the season I am in while still keeping an expectant attitude
I am learning that God needs to do something IN me, so He can do something THROUGH me


Every single season of our lives
 – the school years, single-hood, career building, marriage, parenthood, grandparent-hood
 – is a gift from God

 It’s not a means to our “all,” but rather part of it
That means every single one of us is living in a slice of our “all” at this very moment
When we grasp this thought, it will not only enable us to see the opportunities for learning and growth in this season, but also help us to embrace the exciting things that are going on right now

You see, it’s the seemingly insignificant and mundane moments of life – when we feel we are amounting to nothing – that God is using to get us ready for the next season
God is so faithful to bring fulfillment to the dreams He has placed in our hearts!
- Christine Caine 

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