Friday, July 19, 2013

One Year Journey

Welcome to my blog!

This is my story of the past year
With so many new doors opening and opportunities coming in my life 
I needed a place to write my thoughts down

I gave my heart to Christ when I was 13 and been truly blessed with an amazing, very safe life
But I was not living a life surrendered to the Lord 
After years of trying to plan out my own life, my own way
I was exhausted, unsatisfied with where my life was going 
I was looking and wanting more

I prayed that the Lord would show me His will for my life 
Show me how He wants to use me for His kingdom-not mine
It has been a year since I decided to fully surrender my life to the Lord

To just let go...
Fully surrender
Search farther
Believe deeper
Trust more
Dream bigger

I haven't traveled all over the world (yet), I am have no husband or children (yet) 
I haven't done anything extravagant by the worlds standards 
In fact, being on this journey of "finding myself" God has turned my world upside down
 I have lost more of myself then I dared believed 
but found The One where my true identify lies

We serve a big God so shouldn't our dreams be just as big?
He has placed big dreams, goals and passions on my heart I never thought possible
I finally decided to just let go and let God take over
Yes, there are some many days when I try and take control again 
and God quickly reminds me He is in charge 

I am discovering over and over His plan is WAY better than mine 

When we finally believe that we were created by God and for God 
When we finally decide to surrender to His Will
He places us on the ride of our lives...

...And that is a ride I want to be on forever  


Highlights and favorite blog posts from my past year

July 2012
Let the adventure begin! My very first blog post!
I experienced my first Creation Fest
I traveled to Memphis to tour St. Jude Children's Hospital 

August 2012
I discovered that maybe I am a morning person
I don't have to have all the answers 
Keep fighting the good fight 

September 2012
Becoming a Women of beauty and strength
I celebrated my 27th birthday
My beautiful, more precious nephew was born

October 2012
We are chosen for ministry 
The importance of praying for my future husband 
My dad had a birthday and Halloween!

November 2012
30 Days of Thankfulness

December 2012
Tis the Season
Purpose Driven Life- Big Dreams!
Marriage and Mission
The true present of Christmas

January 2013
Looking at the year 2013 
God is LOVE
God wants Followers 
Dream it. See it. Write- Africa!

February 2013 
Do you need rest? 
The day of LOVE
You are worth more
Dream without fear

March 2013
A Dream fulfilled 
We are made for great adventure 
Dear 18 year old Jessie

April 2013
He is Risen 
When you forget your cell phone 
Heaven on Earth- Chris Tomlin concert 

May 2013
St. Jude Half Marathon
The Jessie Rees Foundation
He Knows 

June 2013
Climbing the Mountains of Montana

July 2013
Ignite Gods passion in your life 

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude


I just had a converstaion on the phone with a best friend
We were dreaming about our future couple trips like we do often
She listened to me about my dreams, goals and longings
She listened while I was sharing my passion God has put on my heart for children
  And like a good friend she started asking me what I am doing about those goals?

Why dont you start doing XYZ
Have you talked to ________?
Have you looked into moving there?

Wait, what!?
In the midst of her helping me to pursue my dreams
I started freaking out!
Honestly, my stomach was going in knots
What she was saying are great options and would definitely help me;

But I am not ready yet!
 See, I am exactly where I am supposed to be
I am thankful that God knows my heart
I am thankful He knows my deepest desires and dreams
I am thankful He knows that this is where my heart belongs this season of my life 
SPU soccer camp-summer 2013
My heart still finds great joy when students stop by just to say Hi
When student-athletes email to work during their off season
 but turns into a conversation about their summer 
 When I take my student-worker out to Starbcks for their birthday
and talk about The Bachelorette 
When a student-athlete runs over to say Hi when I am walking across campus

When I can walk 10 feet to tell a story to my best friend

When I receive a text from a former-worker thanking me
 for supporting her and encouraging her
When I walk into a summer camp and
feel at home with the SPU coaches and student athletes 
When I can put on a St. Jude school wide fundraiser
 AND have the opportuniy to start a club that fights pediatric cancer
When I call children's hospitals and use our platform to volunteer
and bring hope and joy to children 
Those are the moments I have come to cherish
 I am not ready to let go... just yet
St. Jude fundraiser and my student board
You see, God has given me dreams
 BIG dreams you guys!
So big that they scare me thinking about them
But dreams take time to fully develop
God doesnt need time but I do
He knows that I am not quite ready for those dreams
He is still developing, maturing, preparing me for what He has planned
I heard this anaolgy and loved it:
If a new born baby comes before it is fully developed there are complications
If you force a dream before you are ready then there will be complications as well

But if you wait for the Lord
Wait for His timing as He prepares you
Staying obedient in the process
Then when the dream is ready a door will be opened
You wont feel rushed or forced
It will be scary, taking that leap of faith
But you will have  peace
(AKA- not a stomach ache like I just did!)

It will be better than you imagined because
 it will be fulfilled by the Lord in His timing, not yours

"The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise,"
2 Peter 3:9
I think all too often I am trying to rush His process
I am looking ahead without Him
I am looking ahead without being thankful how I am being used now

He is blessing me daily with those small interactions
with my co workers, coaches and students, and sweet emails and texts
He shows me everyday why I am supposed to be here
He reminds me daily that He is in charge of my life
and that in His perfect timing those dreams will be fullfilled
 I will be grateful for the platform I have now
The blessings He is showing me now
The dreams He is fulfilling now
 But I know and have HOPE that, in His timing, He has something
even greater in mind for me, for His purpose
Can it get any better?! 

Enjoying the ride home from Montana with milkshakes

" Give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thes. 5:18

Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to be a part of this community

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ignite God's Vision for your life

Happy Wednesday!
Just a quick post to share what I am loving this week!

Not only am I reaching my fitness and health goals
I am making new, deep, lasting friendships through AdvoCare
I am being encouraged in my faith
Pushed to dream a little deeper
Go a litter further out of my comfort zone
Love what this company represents
Love what it stands for
Love that is continues to help people reach their goals physically and financially

And of course we have the BEST spokes person ever!
And what is even more amazing AdvoCare become Title Sponsor of Texas Kickoff!
Kicking off the college football season on August 31st, Mississippi State vs. Oklahoma State.

Football and Advocare, two of my favorites!

This book will change your life
We just finished this in our Bible Study (friends I met through AdvoCare)
 and I am on fire to be Greater
In fact, God created us to be GREAT
Are you ready to open your imagination to the possibility
that God has a vision for your life that is greater?
We all have honest moments when we’re gripped by a desire to feel
 that what we’re doing matters more.
That who we are matters more.

And according to one of the most shocking verses in the Bible,
Jesus wants the very same thing for every one of us:
Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”
-John 14:12

Dream Bigger.
Start Smaller.
Ignite God's Vision for your life

The Jessie Rees Foundation continues to burn pasison in my heart
I will continue to use my platform at SPU to create faith, hope love and JOY to children
I wrote this post back in winter when I first heard about this foundation

My motto for this week
What would you do with your had no fear?

And just because I miss this little guy!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The New Has Come

The night before Jackie's wedding 2009

This past weekend I went down to Portland for the weekend to visit one of my best friends
We were teammates and roommates in college 
We always had a great time
For better or worse

Jackie and I summer 2008

This past weekend we did what girls do best
Lots of shopping, walks, talks, and Starbucks 
We talked about our jobs, family, old friends and caught up

However, as we reminisced about our past, our conversations went something like this:
"Remember when we did_____? I cant believe that happened"
"Remember you and _____? Oh man that was an emotional roller coaster"
"The old Jessie would not think twice about that!" 

........But this time those stories felt different
Instead of the normal laughter from me, I felt shame
Painful, gut wrenching shame
I didn't want to laugh anymore 
I wanted to run far away

Can you hide from God?

Of course, we shared some great stories
We do have many amazing memories
But I couldn't stop thinking about the "other" memories
The "not so good" stories where I was supposed to just laugh at
Shrug my shoulders and say
 "that was just college"

Are those the stories I left people with?
What was I doing?
Why did I do that?
Why didn't I let him go sooner?
Why did I act that way?
  I was not honoring God in the way I lived my life and that left me with guilt 

I spend the entire car ride home asking myself,
Who was I back then?

Sarah, Lisa and myself in Cali 2009
The car ride home ended up being extra long
4.5 hours from Portland is NOT OK!
But, God knew I needed some more time to reflect


"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; 
the old has gone, the new is here."
2 Corinthians 5:17 

See, the "old Jessie" was not living a life that glorifies the Lord
I wasn't pursuing Christ
I was not putting Him first

But you know what is so amazing?

I don't have to be tied to the "old Jessie" any longer
The old has gone

I am a new creation
He has forgiven
He has redeemed
I am anew
In Christ

And that brings me total freedom

In Christ. 
United with Christ through faith in Him and commitment to Him 

New Creation. 
Redemption is the restoration and fulfillment of Gods purposes in creation 
and this takes place in christ, through whom all things were made
 and in whom all things are restored or created anew


Oldies but Goodies

Europe adventure 2009
Pool time with roommates and teammates 2005

SPU Falcons 2005-2006 

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