Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12 of Thankfulness

Nov. 11th Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Jets- Victory!

My aunt and uncle have season tickets to the Seahawks. 
About 3 months go they my aunt asked if I wanted to go to the game against the Jets. 
I saw heck yes! 

Thankful my aunt was a good sport and didn't mind going late. We made the second half. 
She picked me up from the airport and had to bring warm clothes for me because all I packed were clothes for the sun! 

It was cold, it was loud, it was raining, it was a victory
It was the ultimate Seahawk football experience. 

After the game we went to Wild Ginger. An asian restaurant downtown. We had a glass of wine, ate amazing food and had great conversations. 

We were drenched from head to toe because of the rain to naturally I had to buy a new pair of shoes. We headed to Nordstrom and I bought myself a nice pair of black and pink Reebok tennis shoes. I justified them by telling myself I will wear them during events.  
Reebok? Yes! They are making quite the comeback! 

After Nordstrom we headed to one of our favorite places, Palaminos!
Everyone needs dessert right?
We had the best dessert- Warm doughnuts with Nutella. 
Oh. My. Gosh. 

I am thankful for football
I am thankful for the Seattle Seahawks. 
I am thankful for conversation over great food and drinks. 
I am thankful for family. 
I am thankful for my aunt and the relationship we share. 


On a different note, I wanted to share about what I read this morning in Jesus Calling. This book could quite possibly be one of the best devotions I have read. 

I love the way the author writes as if God was writing us a letter each day. 
There is something so intimate, so reassuring, about reading a letter from God. 
A letter from a father to His children  

 This book is God's way to help guide us in a world rigged to distract us. 
Teach us to rely on Him. 
Remind us He is always here. 
Encourage us to seek Him. 
Inspire us to stay strong.  

"Sometimes my children hesitate to receive my good gifts with open hands. Feelings of false guilt creep in, telling them they don't deserve to be so richly blessed."

 Do you feel you ever feel like this?

I know I do. Sometimes I look around at the blessings in my life and wonder how I deserved so much and I start asking myself "who am I to deserve these blessing?!"

Or yet I start to look around at what others have and justify why I don't have their "blessings." I just don't deserve those, right?

 For me, the example that hit home the most is getting married. As a single woman who is 25, no 27 (eek!), I find it all too easy for me to believe that I will be that one woman, that one friend, who won't receive the desires of my heart. Who am I to deserve such those desires?

Well Jessie, God says this is nonsense thinking! No one deserves anything from God. His kingdom is not about earning or deserving; it is about believing and receiving. 

God DELIGHTS in providing for His children. When we balk at accepting His gifts, when we neglect to receive His blessings with a grateful heart, He is deeply saddened. 

I was reminded that God gets pleasure when we receive graciously His blessings and expectantly wait for Him. 

Be encouraged, go knocking, and know that when Gods blessings come they are to be received, graciously.

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