Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 24 of Thankfulness

Growing up my sister and I obsessed loved the Enumclaw Hornets
We thought those players were the coolest people ever
Each year we had our favorite girl who we always cheered a little harder for
but really we loved them all
We went to every game, near and far, and we also got to ride on the bus sometimes!
Whether or not they knew, they were role models for many young girls

Then it became my turn to be a Enumclaw Hornet
My turn to put on the Enumclaw hornet jersey
My turn to represent the Enumclaw High School
My turn to be a part of the team that I cheered on for many years
My turn to be a role model for the young girls
It was my turn

By Gods good grace I felt the same way as a player at SPU and I love working here
But there is just soemthing so comforting and nostalgic when I walk into the Enumlcaw gym
The memories
The sweat and tears
The games won by alot and the heart breaking loses
All come rushing back and I am that little girl again longing to play on this court

Thankfully, my sister is the head coach at Enumclaw
This is her fourth year
My sister is one of the best coaches I know
She is knowledgable
She is dedicated
She is passionate
She is a hard worker
She is a competitor
She is the perfect coach for Enumclaw High School

Today they had a shoot around before their jamboree at WRHS and I was able to come
I watched as Beth introduced Jace for the first time
I watched as her team set goals, did shooting drills, and got ready for their games
Brought back so many good memories

Today I am truly thankful for my roots
Thankful for my time as an Enumclaw hornet
Thankful I still find joy in coming back 

I took this picture this morning at my aunt and uncles as I am watching my cousins for the weekend.
I stumbled across this CS Lewis quote.

God just wants us
Yes, every part of us
The broken
The hurt
The sinful
The doubter
The undeserving

 He still wants us just as we are
He wants nothing in return
We just need to simply just be

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