Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness

Happy November!

You know what this means?
The first official day of the holiday season! ( Well, in my mind at least).
*Cue Christmas music.


However, before I go to overboard with Christmas, I wanted to take this month to focus my second favorite holiday, THANKSGIVING.

I love tradition.  
I love having thanksgiving at my parents home.
I love waking up on Thanksgiving morning to the fall candle burning downstairs
I love the smell of turkey baking in the oven all day.
I love soaking up those last moments of the fall colors, fall leaves and fall decorations.
I love the laughter of playing board games all day.
I love all the pies my aunt makes. Seriously, how many pies can a women make in one morning!?
I love the thoughtful, small gifts my mom gives to every guest and allows me to help create them. 
I love how my mom and dad have made their home open to anyone who needs a place to go.
I love how my dad makes sure we have my favorite appetizer.
I love watching a Christmas movie after dessert.
I love the feeling of being surrounded by family and friends.
I love being reminded of how extremely blessed I am.
I am truly thankful.

Therefore, each day this month I am going to post on one thing I am thankful for in my life.

This has been the most important part of my day. 
If I have not started these quiet times a year ago; if not for God humbling me to realize how much I need Him;  if not for God grabbing a hold of my heart;  this blog, this life I am living in complete surrender to the Lord would not be as complete as it is now. 
These quiet times are what gives me peace, joy, excitement, surrender and what brings me into a closer relationship with our savior and in turn allows me to graciously live in complete grace, love, forgiveness and redemption.
For that, I am first and foremost thankful.

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