Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 23 of Thankfulness

Black Friday- The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is upon us!
Actually it has been here for the past two months
Why does it seem like Christmas comes earlier and earlier
It is impossible for our culture to enjoy one holiday at a time
Department stores decorate and holiday sales come earlier each passing year
I am not completely innocent, I do get caught up in the excitement of the holidays well before Halloween
But as much as I love Christmas but I also love to celebrate Halloween AND Thanksgiving and enjoy the gifts and excitement of each holiday

Thankfully, Christmas is much much more than the decorations
More than the presents and bows
More than the decorated trees and lights
And yes, even more than the Starbucks peppermint mochas

When Dec. 26th comes
The lights, decorations are being taken down
The presents have been opened
We still have the best present of all
His love
His grace
His mercy
His ever present presence in our lives

However, this doesnt mean I am not going to still enjoy the magic of Christmas
Believe me, they dont call me Jessie Christmassen for nothing!

But I am going to be more thankful
More appreciative
Love a little more
Give a little more
Share a little more about the Reason for the Season

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