Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 10 of Thankfulness

Day 4 of my time in San Diego and I finally made it to a beach!
Because our mens soccer team lost on Thursday our SID, Dan, flew to SD. 
We had a couple hours to spare, Dan and I decided to spend some time at the beach! 

We went to a park called Seagrove. Boy, was it beautiful!

We spent sometime walking along the shore and just talking about our travels and places we would love to visit. We had quite the list going. 

Some on my list were:
New York
Washington DC
New England

 We both decided that as beautiful as the beaches are, we felt the beach is more of a vacation spot then a place to live. If you lived by the beach and saw it everyday, does beauty and splendor of the ocean ever wear off?  

Main street Del Mar
After walking on the beach we went up to main street to look for a place to eat. What a beautiful little town! After walking up and down, we settled for a yummy bagel and sandwich place which happened to be right next to Starbucks! 

The beach, sunshine, small boutiques, cafes, and Starbucks= my kind of day! 

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