Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 27 of Thankfulness

I am sitting here on my living room floor 
I am wrapped up in my favorite fleece blanket
I am full from a delicious homemade dinner and dessert
A smile on my face from a great conversation with my roommate
Christmas decorations surrounding me- going up tomorrow!
I am listening to my favorite Christmas music
I have a Merry Mistletoe candle burning 

My heart if full
I am blessed

Thanksgiving may have past but tonight I sit here with a thankful heart. I have been reminded more than ever this year about the importance of being Thankfulness...choosing a grateful heart. 

I like to think that I have always been grateful for what I have. I was always grateful for family, friends and health but this season I am experiencing a thankfulness that I have never experienced before. 


As I strive to learn more about God daily
Love Him more
Serve Him more
I discover the purpose of my being
 I was made BY God and FOR God
This life I live is meant FOR Gods glory

I always knew that God has blessed me
I have a great family, amazing friends and my health
But I am seeing more clearly that God has blessed me more than I deserve. 

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