Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8 of Thankfulness

I am down in San Diego with the women's soccer team. 
They just beat BYU-Hawaii and now play this Saturday at 6:00pm  
I am finding myself more and more comfortable with the players and role as administrator. 
I am loving it. 

We just got back from picking up dinner at Whole Foods. 
My roommate went down to the lobby to do homework
I am sitting here in my hotel room by myself. 
Lots of mixed emotions going on. 

Excited for the win and the team to play on Saturday 
Excited for more opportunity to get to know this team better. 
Excited to get some good rest tonight. 


Because of this trip I wont be able to be at the Sodexo basketball tournament. 
I am getting pretty anxious about spending the next two days here in San Diego and not being there
plus, in all honestly I was excited to watch some basketball and see some teammates that were planning on coming. 

And if we are being completely honest, I am a little sad 
 I had plans with my aunt to go to the Seahawks game on Sunday. 
We had the whole morning and day planned out
Now, I will be lucky if I get into Seattle by halftime
Not to mentioned I will be tired and dirty clothes

Right in the midst of these emotions running through my mind(trying to justify each and every one which is exhausting!) I get this precious picture of my all too cute nephew from my sister

It was just what I needed right now
At this moment
To stop and be reminded of the MANY blessings in my life 
Jace Robert being one of the best

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