Monday, July 30, 2012

No Place Like Home

Home Sweet Home

Just call me a frequent flyer! Just this past month I have been to Dallas, San Francisco, and Memphis. Now you might be thinking that it is only three cities but if you knew me you would know I do not travel very much and I definitely do not like flying! 

June 24-28- NACMA Conference in Dallas
I was able to be roommates with my best friend during the NACMA conference! Lisa ironically got a new counseling job right before the conference but luckily she was still able to come. LOVE going on trips with her. MANY more to come :) 
I ran into Tom Moreland from IAL grad school! 

July 5-8- San Francisco/Napa Valley with my girlfriends!

July 26-29- Memphis, TN- St. Jude Up 'til Dawn event (see previous post) 


Each one of these trips provided me with an amazing experience and reiterated my passion for what I do at SPU and the importance of friends :)

They also reminded me just how amazing it feels to belong to a place that I love to call my HOME. Each time I would fly back into Seattle I find myself getting nostalgic and longing more then ever for that place I call Home. Maybe it is the beautiful sunset over the puget sound and Olympic mountains, or  the majestic view Mt. Rainier on a clear day.  I know it may rain a bit a lot, but when I have been away, even for just a few days, nothing compares to the feeling of coming home. 

I am one blessed gal! 

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St. Jude Children's' Research Hospital

Have you ever experienced something that is so beyond amazing you cant really explain it? That is how I feel right now as I am going to attempt to talk about my trip to Memphis. Who knew that as I hopped on a red-eye flight last Wednesday to Memphis Tennessee that my perspective on life would drastically change and St. Jude would forever be my passion. 

I just got back last night from one of the most amazing experiences of my life. To give a little background, St. Jude’s Up ‘til Dawn is a collegiate event/fundraiser held around the country by many universities. Every year in July St. Jude’s hold a conference in Memphis for the first time schools to attend to learn more about the fundraiser, gain ideas, and meet with other advisors/students. 
Life-changing. Amazing. Inspiring. Humbling. These are only a few words that can describe this weekend. One student on our executive board and I were able to tour the St. Jude hospital, meet new and past patients and see for ourselves the amazing work that is going on in the hospital- The work of saving the lives of many children.
I came away feeling very encouraged and optimistic about the event and overloaded with possibilities, ideas and information!
I am more excited than ever to share this journey of putting on this event with my executive board. I believe that God placed each one of them on this committee for a reason and I am excited to see the amazing things we can do together next year for Seattle Pacific and the children of St. Jude.  

I truly believe that God has placed this passion for St. Jude on my heart. He has expanded my territory, and opened by doors for me to honor Him by serving and loving others. I don't know exactly where I am going or where this passion will lead me but I do know that this is a great place to start! So, here I go leaping into unknown territory in attempt to be fearless as I follow the passion He has given me.

 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 
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Can I just say how much I LOVE the Olympics! I could watch them for hours. I like to believe that for those 3 weeks every country, every nation, comes together and all the problems in this world seem to pause for those brief weeks. The world celebrates together this amazing tradition full of pride and athletic greatness. What is not to love?

One of my favorite parts is the opening ceremonies. Each host country puts on an event that is unique to their country. This year London is hosting and they did a great job at incorporating their history. And of course the queen made an appearance! Some of my favorite events to watch are swimming and gymnastics. It always amazes me the talent these gymnast have at such a young age. I swear they look younger, and younger every time!

So, only 3 days into the 2012 Olympics and American and World Records have been broken, and a legacy has been started. Bring it on 2012 Olympics! I am excited to what you have in store!

I just have one thing to say..

USA! USA!  USA! #countrypride and I have a lot of it :)

I love watching the athletes march out. Such a sense of pride in each one. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seattle sunset

I think all of us from the northwest can say that our Seattle summer has not been the best this year. But when the sun does shine it is an amazing site and for that day when the sun is shining, the rain is (almost) worth it all :)

This evening was one of those days so I had to take advantage! Luckily for me I live across the street from Geenalake. I get to see some amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Ok, lets be honest, I see more sunsets then sunrises.  
Tonight was such a beautiful evening I felt like I needed to document my walk around the lake. I have had countless runs and walks around this lake. It my place I go to think, escape and daydream. I am so blessed to be living in an area that I love. I hope that I don't need to move anytime soon but if I do ( heaven forbid!) I know where I will be going during those beautiful summer evenings.
music for the soul
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Monday, July 23, 2012

"I will fear no Evil, for thou art with me....'

Peaks, Pits, Praises and Prayers 

So I am a day late on this post but I had a good excuse....I was busy watching Emily chose Jef love on the Bachelorette finale! :) I will admit my one vice for reality TV is the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I have been a faithful watcher for awhile now. I don't know if it is the romantic in me or if I just find the drama entertaining. Nonetheless, I have high hopes for Emily and Jef!

Anyway, back to what my post...

This is a hard one because I had an amazing week! But helping with Live to Forgive on Friday and listening to Nick Vujicic talk on Friday night was such a great experience. 

I also loved the Enumclaw Street fair! My sister and I helped with the Enumclaw 5k on Saturday morning. Lots going on in Enumclaw this past week/weekend. I love just being able to drive an hour to be home. I love the small town I am from and I know I am blessed to grow up in such a great community. 

"Parents give their children two great gifts, roots and wings..." 

I sit here writing the blog so saddened by the devastation on the Colorado shootings in the Regal Cinemas. Saddened by the actions of the shooter. Saddened how fallen our world is. Saddened that the lives of 12 people were cut way to short. 

God never promised a life without pain or suffering, however, He did promise that He will never leave us. He promised He will be our ultimate comforter in times of suffering and trials. The thing about God is that He suffers when we suffer. He doesn't want this to happen to us. He doesn't want His children to be in pain. But that is the reality of our world. Sin started in the garden with Adam and Eve and will continue until He comes again. But until then we can have faith that God is with us. These events shake us and put fear into our hearts. But we need to remember that God says do not be afraid. He did not give us the spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. Hopefully, through this inconceivable act in our fallen world will bring people closer to Christ. That people will find comfort in the only One who can out that spirit of hope back into their lives, a spirit that can calm and give them peace. 

I pray for the friends and families of the victims. I pray that you will seek the comfort of Christ and that He may give you a peace and healing that only He can provide. 


This is gives me comfort. Knowing God knows my future and that my life is in His hands.

This Wednesday I head to Up til Dawn event in Memphis! I take a red eye Wednesday night. Not looking forward to that but I will have all day Thursday to explore Memphis!

My prayer for that trip is that I will honor God. I pray Lord that You watch over me and bless me during my trip. Lord, open up opportunities for me to be a light for You. Expand my territory. Lord, I pray that You open my heart and my mind to the St. Judes mission and the children that they help. I pray that I will come home refreshed and ready to take on the UTD fundraiser at SPU. I pray for the hearts and energy for my student executive board and that we will all work together to honor St. Jude and the children.

Romans 8:28

A passion has lighted in my heart for St. Judes Children's hospital and I am thrilled for this opportunity to bring this fundraiser to SPU! 

Until next week!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Creation 2012

Today was my first experience with Creation Festival. I can't believe I have waited this long to attend!

I had the privilege to work a couple hours for the ministry called Live to Forgive. A movie, ministry, movement about a man named Dean Smith and his journey to forgive the man who killed his mother...very powerful and inspiring as we are all called to forgive others- Romans 12:18

During my sister's and my break, we were able to listen to an amazing speaker named Nick Vujicic. He is a man without any arms or legs and has inspired over half a million people to give their life to Jesus. Wow. One of the most moving, emotional and inspiring stories I have ever witnessed. If he can share his joy of Jesus Christ with his disability and find Gods plan, I have no excuse not to pursue a life worth living for God.

It was such an amazing night for me to feel encouraged and inspired about my faith....Not to mention the great music!

Nick Vujovic
Tenth Avenue North
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peak, Pits, Praises, and Prayers

I found this on Pinterest awhile back and I have also heard this technique is good to use when starting a journal. Since I want it to use this blog as a journal of my life, I think I will start using this once a week and share my peak, pit, praises and prayers of that week. Maybe Sunday nights I will use it to reflect on my week. With some pictures too :)

However, here is a picture of my peak for the day. Yes, Starbucks was the highlight of my day. I just dont know what it is but there is just something about Starbucks that just soothes my soul. And I always feel more productive once I have my latte so it just makes sense :)

A double tall, extra hot, extra foam, skinny vanilla latte please :)

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Weaving a Masterpiece

Some of the best ways for me to understand Gods goodness, faithfulness and control of my life are analogies. I came across this one today during my morning devotion.

Weaving a beautiful tapestry- the point of the imagery is that the underside of a weaving appears to be merely a mess of knotted and tangled yarns. Yet on the upper side - the weavers side- a masterpiece is taking shape.

It reminds us that even though we may not understand or appreciate the confusing pattern of our lives from our side of things, God is in control. He knows what He is doing and on His side the threads of our lives are being worked into something lovely and clear- nothing short of a masterpiece.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Resolution for Women

Resolution of Contentment

When I used to think of the word contentment, I saw it as a negative word, like I am "settling" in life. I never want to settle. No one wants to be labeled as settling. Because of this, I am so scared of "stalling" in life that I am always looking toward the next moment, the next month, the next event, rarely allowing myself the privilege of fully participating and embracing the happenings that are right before me daily.

I dont think this is how God intended us to live our lives. I need a change! I have been reading the book below. Boy, has it changed my view on the word contentment!

"By choosing contentment, you are not getting rid of your desires; you are just demanding that they assume an appropriate, humble position in your life, not bossing you around like a tyrannical dictator forcing you to submit to his ever-glowing and ever-changing list of demands."
"Choosing contentment will offer you an opportunity to look forward to tomorrow with peace and ease and an appropriate anticipation instead of the frustration and hurriedness that often accompanies our glances toward the future. It will be your ticket to live with goals and ambitions inspired by His expansive, mind-blowing will, without having to sacrifice today's blessing."

And as for me, being a content single women, whose desire to one day marry and have a family is strong, I can enjoy this season in my life as I continue pursue God's plan for me.

"A single woman is actually able to enjoy her independence not just pretend she does- and yet be equally excited about what sharing life with a future mate may be life. She neither has to abandon hope of marriage nor cave to those depressing tinges of self pity and emptiness."

I commit to the resolution of contentment in my life.

The Resolution for Women inspires women with intentional, spirit-filled living from three unique angles. Section one, entitled, "This Is Who I Am," helps a woman define herself as "authentically me, purposefully feminine, surprisingly satisfied, and faithfully His." Section two, "This Is What I Have," invites her to value "my best, my blessing, my honor, and my heart." And Section three, "This Is What Matters To Me," focuses on joyfully honoring God as a wife, mother, and family member while resolving to live with the grace that leaves a godly legacy. The Resolution for Women is designed to inspire a revolution.
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Let the Adventure begin!

My first official blog post! I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now and I today seemed like a great day to start . I am not much of a journal gal and I know I am always close to a computer so, why not a blog? 

This blog will be for my own self so that I can look back and be reminded of my journey through life. Sometimes I get so caught up in the destination that I forget to enjoy the journey. My goal is to stay content, joyful and cherish each season of my life.

This blog will be a place where I can share and reflect on my journey through each season, change, adventure and steps of my life. I want to remember the blessings, the adventures, the ups and downs, and all that our God has given me. So, here it goes!

A great reminder that God is in control. If there is one thing I have been learning the past couple months is it the God knows what is best and He is in control.

I can only sit back, let go and Enjoy the Journey.
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