Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peak, Pits, Praises, and Prayers

I found this on Pinterest awhile back and I have also heard this technique is good to use when starting a journal. Since I want it to use this blog as a journal of my life, I think I will start using this once a week and share my peak, pit, praises and prayers of that week. Maybe Sunday nights I will use it to reflect on my week. With some pictures too :)

However, here is a picture of my peak for the day. Yes, Starbucks was the highlight of my day. I just dont know what it is but there is just something about Starbucks that just soothes my soul. And I always feel more productive once I have my latte so it just makes sense :)

A double tall, extra hot, extra foam, skinny vanilla latte please :)

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  1. I wish we could meet up for a latte @ Starbucks every weekend!


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