Monday, July 30, 2012

No Place Like Home

Home Sweet Home

Just call me a frequent flyer! Just this past month I have been to Dallas, San Francisco, and Memphis. Now you might be thinking that it is only three cities but if you knew me you would know I do not travel very much and I definitely do not like flying! 

June 24-28- NACMA Conference in Dallas
I was able to be roommates with my best friend during the NACMA conference! Lisa ironically got a new counseling job right before the conference but luckily she was still able to come. LOVE going on trips with her. MANY more to come :) 
I ran into Tom Moreland from IAL grad school! 

July 5-8- San Francisco/Napa Valley with my girlfriends!

July 26-29- Memphis, TN- St. Jude Up 'til Dawn event (see previous post) 


Each one of these trips provided me with an amazing experience and reiterated my passion for what I do at SPU and the importance of friends :)

They also reminded me just how amazing it feels to belong to a place that I love to call my HOME. Each time I would fly back into Seattle I find myself getting nostalgic and longing more then ever for that place I call Home. Maybe it is the beautiful sunset over the puget sound and Olympic mountains, or  the majestic view Mt. Rainier on a clear day.  I know it may rain a bit a lot, but when I have been away, even for just a few days, nothing compares to the feeling of coming home. 

I am one blessed gal! 

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