Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seattle sunset

I think all of us from the northwest can say that our Seattle summer has not been the best this year. But when the sun does shine it is an amazing site and for that day when the sun is shining, the rain is (almost) worth it all :)

This evening was one of those days so I had to take advantage! Luckily for me I live across the street from Geenalake. I get to see some amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Ok, lets be honest, I see more sunsets then sunrises.  
Tonight was such a beautiful evening I felt like I needed to document my walk around the lake. I have had countless runs and walks around this lake. It my place I go to think, escape and daydream. I am so blessed to be living in an area that I love. I hope that I don't need to move anytime soon but if I do ( heaven forbid!) I know where I will be going during those beautiful summer evenings.
music for the soul

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