Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let the Adventure begin!

My first official blog post! I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now and I today seemed like a great day to start . I am not much of a journal gal and I know I am always close to a computer so, why not a blog? 

This blog will be for my own self so that I can look back and be reminded of my journey through life. Sometimes I get so caught up in the destination that I forget to enjoy the journey. My goal is to stay content, joyful and cherish each season of my life.

This blog will be a place where I can share and reflect on my journey through each season, change, adventure and steps of my life. I want to remember the blessings, the adventures, the ups and downs, and all that our God has given me. So, here it goes!

A great reminder that God is in control. If there is one thing I have been learning the past couple months is it the God knows what is best and He is in control.

I can only sit back, let go and Enjoy the Journey.

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