Friday, July 20, 2012

Creation 2012

Today was my first experience with Creation Festival. I can't believe I have waited this long to attend!

I had the privilege to work a couple hours for the ministry called Live to Forgive. A movie, ministry, movement about a man named Dean Smith and his journey to forgive the man who killed his mother...very powerful and inspiring as we are all called to forgive others- Romans 12:18

During my sister's and my break, we were able to listen to an amazing speaker named Nick Vujicic. He is a man without any arms or legs and has inspired over half a million people to give their life to Jesus. Wow. One of the most moving, emotional and inspiring stories I have ever witnessed. If he can share his joy of Jesus Christ with his disability and find Gods plan, I have no excuse not to pursue a life worth living for God.

It was such an amazing night for me to feel encouraged and inspired about my faith....Not to mention the great music!

Nick Vujovic
Tenth Avenue North

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