Sunday, July 14, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude


I just had a converstaion on the phone with a best friend
We were dreaming about our future couple trips like we do often
She listened to me about my dreams, goals and longings
She listened while I was sharing my passion God has put on my heart for children
  And like a good friend she started asking me what I am doing about those goals?

Why dont you start doing XYZ
Have you talked to ________?
Have you looked into moving there?

Wait, what!?
In the midst of her helping me to pursue my dreams
I started freaking out!
Honestly, my stomach was going in knots
What she was saying are great options and would definitely help me;

But I am not ready yet!
 See, I am exactly where I am supposed to be
I am thankful that God knows my heart
I am thankful He knows my deepest desires and dreams
I am thankful He knows that this is where my heart belongs this season of my life 
SPU soccer camp-summer 2013
My heart still finds great joy when students stop by just to say Hi
When student-athletes email to work during their off season
 but turns into a conversation about their summer 
 When I take my student-worker out to Starbcks for their birthday
and talk about The Bachelorette 
When a student-athlete runs over to say Hi when I am walking across campus

When I can walk 10 feet to tell a story to my best friend

When I receive a text from a former-worker thanking me
 for supporting her and encouraging her
When I walk into a summer camp and
feel at home with the SPU coaches and student athletes 
When I can put on a St. Jude school wide fundraiser
 AND have the opportuniy to start a club that fights pediatric cancer
When I call children's hospitals and use our platform to volunteer
and bring hope and joy to children 
Those are the moments I have come to cherish
 I am not ready to let go... just yet
St. Jude fundraiser and my student board
You see, God has given me dreams
 BIG dreams you guys!
So big that they scare me thinking about them
But dreams take time to fully develop
God doesnt need time but I do
He knows that I am not quite ready for those dreams
He is still developing, maturing, preparing me for what He has planned
I heard this anaolgy and loved it:
If a new born baby comes before it is fully developed there are complications
If you force a dream before you are ready then there will be complications as well

But if you wait for the Lord
Wait for His timing as He prepares you
Staying obedient in the process
Then when the dream is ready a door will be opened
You wont feel rushed or forced
It will be scary, taking that leap of faith
But you will have  peace
(AKA- not a stomach ache like I just did!)

It will be better than you imagined because
 it will be fulfilled by the Lord in His timing, not yours

"The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise,"
2 Peter 3:9
I think all too often I am trying to rush His process
I am looking ahead without Him
I am looking ahead without being thankful how I am being used now

He is blessing me daily with those small interactions
with my co workers, coaches and students, and sweet emails and texts
He shows me everyday why I am supposed to be here
He reminds me daily that He is in charge of my life
and that in His perfect timing those dreams will be fullfilled
 I will be grateful for the platform I have now
The blessings He is showing me now
The dreams He is fulfilling now
 But I know and have HOPE that, in His timing, He has something
even greater in mind for me, for His purpose
Can it get any better?! 

Enjoying the ride home from Montana with milkshakes

" Give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thes. 5:18

Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to be a part of this community

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