Thursday, October 11, 2012

HOLD ON God knows what He is doing

It has taken me a  LONG time to realize the importance of praying for my future husband. Don’t get me wrong, I have thought about my future husband and my fairy tale realistic wedding I am going to have. I thought how he is going to come out just like in the movies and sweep me off my feet. Prince charming, I think they call him. I would pray that he would be romantic, tall dark and handsome and we would live happily ever after.  Realistic right?

After a failed relationship in college, dating here and there, and giving my heart away to easily instead of trusting God, I decided that I needed to learn more on what biblical marriage and what a godly husband consist of.  

It has been one of the most eye opening, joyful, and hopeful learning experiences. The roles of a husband and wife that God created are so important in a marriage. Each one so different and powerful for a successful marriage…Different roles, but equal under God.  
Men have a BIG job as the spiritual leaders of our home and family. They have a lot of responsibility as the protector, provider, and watchmen. They NEED our love, respect, affirmation, affection, and our PRAYERS.

I still long for that happily ever after, however, my prayers for my future marriage have changed. I now pray not only for my future husband (see below) but also that I am becoming the wife that he needs me to be.
A wife who shows grace, kindness and respect.

A wife who does him good, not harm, all the days of my life.

A wife who speaks faithfully and wisely.

 A wife who will be the ultimate encourager and helper in life.

I found this list of ways to pray for your future husband about a year ago and I have prayed for him every single day.
Dear God,

I pray that You are blessing future husband.

I pray that my future husband is growing in his relationship with You every day. He is in the Word. He is surrounded by encouraging people and family and that His love for you grows daily.

I pray that my future husband will be the spiritual leader of our family. That he will guide us, lead us, and protect us. That he will take on that role with passion and love and be the man that you have called him to be.

I pray that my future husband will love me. Love me passionately, deeply, and intensely. He will respect and accept me and my family. I will be his first human priority through life.

I pray that my future husband will have a heart, not just our children, but all children. That he will have a big heart, compassionate and caring.

I pray that my future husband is making wise decisions. That he is one his knees praying for Your guidance with his decisions.

I pray that my future husband is physically, mentally, emotionally healthy. I pray that any anxiety or worry he may have that he lifts it all to You. I pray that you are keeping him safe and healthy for our marriage and life together.

I pray that my future husband is prospering at work. I pray that he is passionate, driven, and hardworking but more importantly I pray that he is a man of integrity and character. That people see him as a man of faith and encouragement.

I pray that my future husband can resist sexual temptation. Lord, take him away from anything or anyone that might make him fall. Help him to stay pure for You and me.

I pray that I will be a wife who shows grace, kindness and respect.

Lastly, I pray that the Lord will bless our marriage, and expand our territory as a couple, that we will do great things as a couple and are an example of a godly marriage to many! This one always gets me excited. I love the thought of going on adventures and doing great things for Christ with my future husband. When I say adventures I dont mean vacations (however, I am hoping for many of those too!) but adventures that expand our territory and give us opportunities to do great things for Him, to serve and give back as a couple.


I don’t know who he is or when he will come but there is something humbling and intimate about praying for my future husband. I can’t help but be hopefully and excited knowing God will provide a godly husband for me when the timing is right.

Until then, it is also important to pray that I stay joyful and content, constantly growing in Him and who I am,  during this season of my life.

The sole purpose of marriage is to honor God. I have learned that His timing is perfect and I know that when He feels that I will better worship Him with another man, that is when He will bring him in my life.

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