Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Becoming a Woman of Prayer

 It all started when my best friend told me about the bible study book, “Becoming Woman of Prayer.” It has been a year since I committed myself to becoming a woman of prayer. I committed to praying on my knees before bed every night, I committed to praying every morning before my devotions.  A year later (this month!)and I can say that prayer is a constant presence in my life. And of course, prayer is not something that should only happen in the mornings and night. It is important that I am constant communication with Him. I am constantly striving to pursue Him, talk with Him and stay connected to Him and His presence.  Now, is this easy for me? Sometimes it is and sometimes I struggle to find Him (even though I know He is there) . If you need to be reminded of one of my hard days refer back to my “When Bad Days Happen” post. Oh ya, major pity party remember?

However, like God promised, when we search for him we will find Him.
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”
Jeremiah 29:13.
Knowing I needed some much help in the prayer department, (Also, see this post) that is what I did. It has been a year of praying, growing, searching, seeking, and discovering to develop a better relationship with God.  Is it perfect? Absolutely not.  But God has grabbed my heart, met me halfway, and shown me grace. He has reassured me that He is the only one who can fill my life with purpose. I am constantly growing in my relationship with Him and one of the biggest ways I am achieving that is by prayer. My prayer life is now not just something I feel obligated to do (yes, I used to feel this way!)  I find myself longing for the evenings when I can kneel and pray and be in the presence of God. I long for that comfort and peace I receive when I humbly bow before Him. Prayer has become a necessity in my life, a habit I do to strengthen and humble myself before the Lord.



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