Friday, May 10, 2013

Just a Glimpse

I was absolutely blessed to have my best friends supporting me!
So inpsired by them all and blessed to have them along this journey!

I was able to go down to Cali and run a 5k for The Jessie Rees Foundation
This past winter a little girl named Jessie stole my heart
I have since then made it my mission to help her continue her dream of spreading JOY
I dont know why this charity has stole my heart but it did
My heart has found a passion so deep I never thought was possible
A passion and desire to forever help bring children hope, joy and a future

Have you ever had a glimpse of what you think God is calling you to do?
Just a little taste of what your future holds, your dreams and goals?
I did last weekend when I decided to run the 5k

After the race I met my friends by the The Jessie Rees charity table
Just having your best friends support you is an amazing feeling
But I felt like I needed to talk to the founder of the charity and father of Jessie
His name is Erik Rees
I read all about the charity online and the letters he writes to his daughter in heaven
I am forever inspired by his strength and faith
I just needed to tell him

If you know me, you know I can be a little reserved so after talking myself in and out of doing it
I found a the right time and walked up and introduced myself
A blink of a moment
That was all it took for me to see the glimpse of my purpose
We chatted for a few minutes
I told him how inspiring him and his family are
We talked about the weather and our SPU connection
He then thanked me and hugged me goodbye

But I knew it was not goodbye
It is only the beginning of what I truly believe is my future
I kept asking myself "Is this real? This is happening?"
I felt like I was in a dream
My dreams
They are becoming true and real

I am back home in Seattle now after two weeks of "glimpes" of my dreams
Sometimes I feel my heart becoming heavy and thinking "what now God?"
I am yearning for God to teach me to just TRUST
Trust He has me
Trust He will work things out
Trust that He has something absolutely amazing in store for my life
So much more than I can ever imagine
A life that radically shows that He is God of all
A life that honors & serves Him
A life that fills, rocks and shakes me to the core of my being
However, I must not forget to be thankful during this time of waiting
I must wait Intentaionally
Wait and remember that moment chatting with Erik
That glimpse, that taste of my future
That moment my dreams slowing became reality
I was reminded these past two weeks just how BIG our God is
And you know what? Our goals and dreams should be just as big!
I dont want to barley get by
God created us to be brave
 Created to excel
Created us to live a life of adventure
Take risks

 “(smile) I’m yours today Lord, I’m ready now and listening…” 

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