Saturday, May 25, 2013

He Knows

So, yes it has been awhile since I have written
Not that I don't have anything to write about because I do! 
A lot
God is continuing to teach me, lead me and guide me on His path
He is continuing to bless me more than I know
And most importantly He constantly shows me grace when I fail
A lot

Over the past couple weeks God has been showing me one very specific lesson 
He knows my dreams
He knows my desires
He knows He will fulfill those in His time

If I trust in Him and know He wont lead me astray, then why do I forget to live in the moment?
It is easy for me to get excited about my dreams I forget that I still have a purpose for today
I look past all the blessings He is showing me today
I don't ask how He can use me today

Each day is a new chance to glorify Him
Each day is a new opportunity to grow in Him
Each day is full of blessings and His grace

You see, because each day has a specific reason 
Each day is part of His ultimate plan to use you in this life
He is slowly molding you, guiding you, preparing you for His glory
And when the timing is right He will open that new door
A new dream will be fulfilled and better than you ever imagined
And then the preparing and molding starts over again as He guides you to another dream

Instead of asking God "What's next" which implies waiting around for something to happen
Approach each day with the question 

"I am yours today Lord, how can you use me to be a light for You, today? "

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