Saturday, January 5, 2013

God is Love

Yes, this is a super early Valentines Day post but I couldn't help it!
My roommates are gone for a couple days so I had to place to myself
So of course I cleaned, organized, decorated and watched some playoff football!
I am quite the ball of fun :) 

It was time to take down the Christmas deocrations anyway and there is no denying that I love Valentines day!

This holiday means more to me than just decorating with hearts, or having a special someone to buy you presents, bring you roses and take you out to a fancy dinner

Though the hopeless romantic in me does look forward to that someday :)

Valentines Day to me represents Pure, Sweet, Overwhelming, Passionate

All kinds of love that fills our life
Love for family
Love for friends
Love for your significant other

But those love stem from the most important love of all

The all consuming, deeply passionate, never ending, forever forgiving, and always flowing love from our Lord and Savior
God sent His only son to die FOR ALL OF US
Because of what Jesus did on the cross
Because He gave the ultimate sacrifice
He has showed us the truest, most passionate, sweet, pure, overwhelming love of them all

Now that is something to celebrate
 (and to hang red hearts everywhere!)

These are actually glass heart Christmas ornaments I found on sale!

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