Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seahawk Sunday!

Time with family never fails to bless me

I went to church with my sister this morning
I LOVE going to their church
The worship, the messgae, their church family are all so inspiring
I always leave having cried a little but feeling so inspired

This morning was no exception but that could quite possibly be another post coming
I am still in awe how big how God is and just how truly He knows the desires of our hearts and knows exactly what we need to hear

After church we dropped Jace off at my parents and went on a short jog around her neighborhood
Then we headed back to my parents for a little Seahawks action!

This was his face when I told him the Seahawks were playing today:)

The Seahawks were losing 13-14 at halftime 
I wasnt too worried, with a quarter back like WilsonI knew we could come back!

 I got to play with this little man all halftime!

This beats any halftime entertainment!
Sorry Madonna!

My dad went and picked up my sweet grandpa to watch the game with us
Here he is chilling with baby Jace
My grandpa had some good laughs at how into the game my mom and I were
I cant help it I get nervous!

It sure is fun to root for the Seattle Seahawks
Especially when we have an amazing quarterback who is doing amazing things on and off the field
I could go on and on about Russell Wilson and the good he is doing using his platform to share his faith and do good works- just love when players do that!
I am thankful he is on our "team"- both as a player and person :)

ONTO Atlanta next Sunday!

Go Hawks!

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