Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Your Move

I just got done reading "Love Does" by Bob Goff
You should read this book for many reasons
Many funny, relatable stories about ordinary people, like you and me, doing extrodinary work for God
However, instead going on about each story and how they impacted me specifically
I am going to share just one significant, encouraging, hopeful lesson I took away from Bob
This will forever change my life
Yours too, I hope

....And just because Valentines Day is less than a month away!

Last night was my roommates 27th birthday!
We went to celebrate with some friends in Bellevue at Wild Ginger- WOW! YUMMY! AMAZING!
Happy Bithrday Candice!
I am forever grateful for your friendship and our journey in life together
Thank you for your endless passion to live life, grow, and learn
I admire your heart to serve others and to live a life of helping others
I have no doubt your obedience and heart for baseball will be rewarded
I hear God is a huge baseball fan :)
 I look forward to seeing where God takes you this upcoming year

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