Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Have Already Won

So it is decided
I am going to run a half marathon

I ran a half marathon on my 25th birthday and though I was so thankful for my friends and sister who trained with me and ran with me, I have never been so sore in my life! 
Seriously, afterwards my head felt like it was split in two!
I told myself I would never run another half again

Fast forward two and a half years
I ran a few 5k here and there but never another half

The Wednesday before Christmas I met with Olivia, who is the St. Jude rep for Seattle
We have talked about our "running" workouts before 
During lunch that day she mentioned the St. Jude Country Music Half in Nashville

We talked about training together, being a St. Jude Hero, and the fundraising incentives but even then I was still pretty closed off on running another one

Side Note- I am NOT a runner. Sometimes I think I am but then I never attempt anything longer than around Greenlake  

Then I went home for Christmas
Thought about it, prayed about it, talked it over with my family
Then something crazy started happening..
 my excitement of running started to increase

Am I really going to do this?!

St. Jude is a huge passion for me
Helping children is a huge passion for me
If my purpose is to help spread hope to children then becoming a St. Jude Hero and raise funds for St. Jude is no brainer

I will train for their Hope
I will raise funds for their Hope
I will run for their Hope

This is definitely the motivation I needed
I will admit it does help that the half marathon is in Nashville and country music will be everywhere:)

Bring it on! 
(headache, soreness and all!) 

On a more serious note, I am going to be more vulnerable here
Though I am BEYOND excited for this race, I am little really intimidated by it all
Not because I don't believe in St. Jude-FAR from it

But because I don't want to fail

What if I don't reach my fundraising goal?
What if I don't beat my running goal?
What if people think I am trying too hard?
Am I being too "pushy" with my beliefs?

I want to make sure I go about this (running, fundraising, training, etc. ) with integrity and authenticity 

I mentioned this to one of my co-workers the other day and in the midst of talking about ideas and how to use this at a ministry tool he said something that struck me hard

"Doesn't matter what happens anyway, you already won"

Wow, I needed to hear that
I needed to be reminded that no matter what happens:
If I am last to finish
If I don't reach my goal
Even if I only raise $1!

God doesn't care how much money I will make or if I finish last 
He cares about my heart
He cares about my intentions
He is giving me this opportunity to minister
To help His children
To spread His glory

You better believe I am going to take full advantage!

He already loves me
He already cares for me
He already forgives me
He has already saved me

That sounds like a pretty good win to me

I finally get to see this little chubby bunny on on Sunday!

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