Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do You Need Rest?

Come to Me all who are weary and I will give you rest

I am not the one to take naps
I just cant justify the down time when I have so much I was to accomplish throughout the day
This doesn't mean that I am never tired or weary because I am more then I like to admit some days
 No matter who you are
No matter what is going on in your life
No matter if you are the biggest morning person or the busiest of busy bodies
Everyone needs REST
Everyone needs to be restored

When the world seems to spinning a million miles per minute
When the burdens of this world come weighing on my shoulders
When my dreams seem out of reach and my mind wonders
Of course, these are not really happening
This is just my human emotions getting the best of me
Simply exhausting

This verse has been one that I have relied on A LOT lately
Thankfully, God promises rest with Him
He promises He can restore us

So, how do I find my rest?
I start and end the day in His presence

Morning devotional

It is the most important time of the day
My relationship with Jesus is the #1 relationship in my life
I need to make time to be with Him
Get to know Him
Read the Word
Reflect on what He needs to show Me
Like any relationship, it becomes stronger the more you spend time together

Without a doubt, this has been THEE most important thing I have incorporated into my life 

Nightly prayers

This is also been something that has changed my life
I kneel before my bed and give up everything to the Lord
I thank Him for the day
I talk over my worries 
I praise Him for His blessings
Sometimes, all I can do is cry and listen to music
He knows what my heart is saying
Just God and me

To say that these changes have been easy for me would be lying
They have taken much discipline, sleepless nights and tired mornings to create these habits
It has taken a while to figure out how I can become more intimate in my quiet times
It has taken a lot prayer to ask for help, more self control, and even ask for guidance on what devotional to use

Sometimes all I do is listen to music and read the Word with no devotional
It doesn't matter if our time is 5 minutes or an hour
It doesn't matter if we use a devotional or just simply listen
The Lord knows that we live in a distracted world
He knows

That is why He wants time with us
He wants us to come to Him
To help us
To restore us
To bless us
To guide us 
To allow us to know HIM better

Starting my day and ending my day before the Lord allows me to humble myself in praise
Allows me to find the rest in the ultimate Restorer!
The Lord is the ONLY thing that gives me peace and rest in this life

Psalm 55:22

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