Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I Am Loving

It is Ash Wednesday after all!
I decided to go with Sarah to Catholic mass
Definitely different then I am used too 
But I loved participating in Ash Wednesday with my best friend!

I am one to be hesitant when it comes to wellness products
I am only on month two of taking these products but I LOVE them!
Even as an athlete I never really knew what vitamins to take or what fuels my body 
But after lots of research and reviews, these products live up to the hype!
I finally feel like I have more energy
I finally feel I am taking care of my body!
I contribute my lack of being sick to these products!

Enumclaw Hornets ranked #10 in State!

I am loving my relationship with my fellow student workers
Amanda was an amazing worker who grew to be my friend
She lives in Arizona and about to start the police academy!
Thankful the many young lives that enrich my life so much!

Speaking of young lives! 
How about this cutie!?

I LOVE watching my dad and Jace have some bonding time
I look forward to the day when my children get to hangout with their grandpa

Loving that I spend this past Saturday morning with my cousin!
He killed it in the 5k with 6:45/mile

Lastly, I am LOVING my quiet times
I long for these times in the morning
These are what get me up in the morning
I fall more and more in love with our Savior each morning
I strive to know more about our Savior

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