Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Where Is Your Power Source?

This past weekend I was asked this question in a couple different forms
Let me explain

I was at an AdvoCare Success School down in Portland
There are so many reasons why I LOVE this company
The world class products literally transform people's lives from the inside out
The business opportunity allows ordinary people to live an extraordinary lives
This company goes above and beyond to give their distributors the best leadership training
Not only on the products but how to be a leader with your family, friends and community

Leadership is one of the most fulfilling jobs but it can also be quite draining
People can be difficult 
Business may be slow
You lack direction in your business 
We may be quick to give up

So, what do we do in the world of AdvoCare?
We plug into our "source of power"
We have a chat with our leader
We listen to a team phone call
We attend an event

We get filled up with encouragement, inspiration and wisdom 
Then we head back on our way and continue to lead
It is easy how refilled I get just by calling my leader
Its like an instant shot of power! 

But where do we go when we get drained in life?

When we feel lost?
When our future seems so foggy we can take another step?
When anxiety and worry take over our hearts and minds?
Where do we plug in to give us our shot of power?

This past weekend I drove to Portland and back, flew to LA and back all with in 48 hours
To say I was exhausted was an understatement 
I was quickly reminded that my power definitely doesn't come from myself

This past weekend was an amazing weekend 
AdvoCare training, seeing my best friend get engaged and watching the Seahawks game 
Yet, I was exhausted, feeling no energy, feeling sorry for myself 
Something was just "off"
I had literally no energy, no power left
 I tried everything from a couple too many cups of Spark to thinking I could take a nap during the Seahawks game- MISTAKE!

I finally got home Monday and asked myself what was going on
Why do I feel so "off"?
Where do I usually find my strength?

 I find my strength in sleep, eating healthy, exercise and SPARK!
That gives me my physical energy
But what about when I mentally cant go on?
I find my strength in Him
From prayer
Daily devotions
Communicating daily with the Lord
Encouraging others
Prayer is so powerful you guys!
Yup, I didnt do any of those things this past weekend
I opened my mind to receive information on leadership training
But didnt fill my mind with the Word 
I opened my heart to feel emotion for my friend
But didnt ask God to fill it with His love 
I filled my mind with thoughts of jealousy and bitterness
Instead of asking the Lord to take those away I decided to dwell in my own thoughts
I was using my own strength to try and power myself

Think of trying to turn on your hair dryer without plugging it in
How would that work for you?
Not very good and probably pretty exhausting and frustrating
This was me this past weekend

I realized I only work well when I am plugged into The Mighty Power
Plugged into the Power Source who promises to protect and provide
The Power Source that speaks with wisdom and knowledge 
The Power Source that ignites purpose, hope and passion
He gives me energy

Plugging in for me includes finding time for morning and nightly prayers
Morning devotions
Staying in communication with the Lord
Asking Him to fill my heart with His power
Purposeful prayer
Intentional prayer
Reading His Word
Being filled with Him instead of looking for the worlds source of power

Where do you plug-in?
My prayer is you chose Him as your Power Source
I promise He will always give you the energy you need 

Your thoughts become attitudes
You attitudes become your words
 If you will renew your mind it will change your life

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