Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Currently in March

                 Linking up with Jenna and Anne today for another edition of their "Currently" series.

Currently I’m…

WISHING that I could come home this weekend. My sister sent me the most adorable videos of my nephews. And when I say adorable, I mean probably only adorable to an aunt. My almost two year old nephew Hudson ends up hitting his three year old brother Jace. I have been watching these videos over and over again today wishing I could just come home for the weekend. I love Arizona, but I miss my family and sometimes I long to just to drive home for the weekend. 
CRAVING quiet time and rest. I feel like my life is a little out of control lately- spinning and I can't keep up. I need rest but can not seem to find it. Hoping this Sunday I can truly rest and do some writing that I have been missing. 
GOING HOME! Well, not until April. As you can tell from above I am a little homesick. Thankfully the opportunity presented itself where I can flying home with my friend Jill who can get us on standby. Jill is also on my AdvoCare team and there happens to be an AdvoCare Ladies event up in Washington. So it works out perfectly! 
WEARING too long of pants right now for this Arizona weather. Seriously, Arizona?! It has hit 90 degrees the past couple days and it is the beginning of March! I guess it is 10-15 degrees hotter than average this time of year. Of course. So, it seems I need to get getting my summer closes out sooner than I wanted. (notice I didn't say spring clothes because in Arizona it is either summer or late summer clothing) 
LEARNING to seek more of Him and less of me. Seek more of His strength and less of my own. Learning how weak I really am and how strong He is.  This season of life has been challenging, draining, exhausting, but also in the midst of hardship and stretching, I feel peace. I feel restoration. I see growth. I see God's favor. It has been tough, but the trials have made me lean on Jesus more. When we seek Him out, when we run to Him, we always find Him. And it is in only Him where we find peace. 
Pictures from February when I went home for a weekend

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  1. I can definitely relate on the "life is spinning out of control" comment. Praying for you to have rest this weekend! Thanks so much for linking up!


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