Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday of Bliss

I slept past 10:30 which I haven't done in forever
It felt good to sleep in

I got out of bed
Lit some holiday candles
Ate breakfast, did my quiet time 
All on my own time

No pressing event 
No schedule that morning
Just me and Saturday

I say this all the time and I am sure my Instagram followers are tired of all my pictures
But I absolutely am in LOVE with Greenlake 
Every season I find myself saying "This is my favorite time of year!"
It is beautiful all year around
Something new, beautiful and exciting going on

This morning I ran around the lake 
Christmas music playing
Crisp, cold winter air
Trees turning from fall to winter
Leaves on the ground
The sun shining
It was pure bliss

I was planning on just hanging around my house with my roommates until the SPU mens game 
Then my friend Bailey called!

She was going to a store near my house
So we met up for coffee at none other than Starbucks!
We went to a Starbucks I haven't been too in awhile

A middle age man came up to us and started randomly chatting about how old he was and how he missed the bus

Lets just say I don't think he was all with it
It was quite an interesting experience 
We had quite the laugh afterwards

Nonetheless, we had a great time catching up and talking about upcoming events with our Bible study group!

Carrie Underwood one of my favorites!

I was driving back from Starbucks with Bailey listening to 105.3 or 106.9
Poor country music is totally getting the back burning
Even if there is a commercial on I put in a Christmas CD
Christmas music ALL THE TIME

It was one of those Saturdays where I woke up and felt JOY

Looking forward to getting our Christensen family tree today and then out in Seattle with dinner and  Elf the musical


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