Friday, December 21, 2012

The Holiday Magic

Life lately has been quite busy  
I am constantly reminded to slow down
The world is not going to end (pun intnded) if I dont get everything done on my "to-do list that happens to get longer everyday
It is OK not have every present wrapped perfectly
It is OK to not bake everything on my list
It is OK to just stop and soak up this special time of year
Enjoy the Holiday
Enjoy the Magic
Enjoy His Presence

Last night my roomate Candice and I went on a spontaneous outing to se Christmas lights
I knew a Starbucks that was opened 24 hours so of course we got our peppermint hot chocolates first
We drove to a place called Candy Cane lane in Seattle
We drove the street and day dreamed what we would decorate when we get our own houses someday
We stayed up late but it was just what I needed
A perfect holiday filled night

Who doesnt enjoy this classic?!

I realized baking stresses me out, yet I still seem to always find myself baking during this time of year

I was squeezing, hugging and kissing Jaceman a little extra last Friday

My brother, Doug and I at my uncles holiday party for Seattle Community Theatre. 

And of course Christmas candles, Christmas music
Filling my mind and heart with the one thing that always brings me peace

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