Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gods Love, Joy and Timing

" In Him we were also chosen, having predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will."
Ephesians 1:11

This post is just to just Thank God
Thank Him for knowing me
ALL of me
All my fears, my doubts, and anxieties
And not for just knowing my hearts desires
But providing those to be fulfilled

Just when I forget about a prayer request, He answers it
But in a way I never imagined
His way
His timing

Way back before the holidays my DREAMS were at a all time high
I was dreaming BIG TIME
I was longing to share those with someone
(Probably throwing myself another pity party, which I am rather good at)
But during this time I prayed for someone to share my dreams too
I obviously don't have a husband to share them with
 I prayed for the Lord to bring me a friend who I felt I comfortable enough to just pour out my dreams

Again, God answers in a way better than I could dream of myself
I found that friend to be my sister
Not only could I share those dreams, she had the SAME dreams, longings, and desires

To make a long story short, I also found Advocare late December as well
After awhile of hearing about the company and knowing I wanted to get in shape and start regaining control of my health and fitness, I contacted an Advocare Distributer in Seattle, Stephanie

Flash forward to today 
I am in love with Advocare 
I still have personal fitness goals to reach but I finally feel I am on my way!
Also, I have my family on those products and I love hearing them feel good about themselves!
And, since I love the products so much it has been easy to share Advocare with family and friends which is providing me some extra income as well

Anyway, remember my prayer request a couple paragraphs back?
Of course, the Lord answered with bringing my sister to talk with, but He didnt stop there!
I have also have gotten to know my Advocare mentor, stephanie really well and formed a great friendship through all this
She and some friends of hers have decided to start a bible study and invited me to join!

We had our first get together yesterday
First thing we did was go and share our stories, testimonies
 I am so in awe of the group He formed
I didn't realize how much I crave fellowship with other women believers
I know I will be able to be open, share my dreams and grow in my faith with this group

We are going to be reading The Purpose Driven Life
I am excited to start this journey with these women
To let go and let God take control again
To open up and let my dreams form

The Lord is continuing to show me He is in charge 
He is showing me that in life we are called to overcome the "uncomfortable" and create more!
He is showing me that He answers prayer in His time and His plan
Which is ALWAYS better than I ever dream or imagine

Speaking of never imagine, this is my "coffee bar" 
Yup, morning coffee is now replaced by Advocare Spark drink and nightly Oasis tea
Again, only God could work this miracle

Dont get me wrong, I still love a good Starbucks double tall, extra hot, sugar free vanilla, soy latte every now and then!
I do still live in Seattle!

Spring is coming! 
I just love the flower blossoms and how light it still is outside at 7:00pm!

Countdown is on!

Not only do I get to go to Nashville
I get to hangout with my best friend, her husband and my Godson Everett!

God continues to bring JOY and bless me more then I could ever imagine

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