Friday, March 7, 2014

Favorite Five on Friday

 Favorite time of day

morning time
Mornings have been not always my favorite
I would want to sleep right through them
Waking up early to read the Word or devotional?
Crazy talk
It was not until I felt something missing in my life
I needed more of Him
Three years ago I committed to waking up early twice a week
2 became 3, then 4...
Now, the mornigs are my absolute favorite time of day
Even on days I can sleep in I make sure I wake up before my day starts
 I look forward to sharing that time with the Lord
And my hot cup of Spark of course :)

Favorite little guy..EVER!

Seriously, this little guy has stolen my heart!
He has shown me a love so deep I never knew was possible
This role as an auntie provides more joy than I ever knew possible
And it keeps getting better...
I get another little man in April!
Auntie life is the best

Favorite Football Player
Jason Witten- TE Dallas Cowboys
 I kept this FCA magazine back in 2012
I always love reading how athletes use their platform for His Glory
To make an impact for His Glory
Fast forward two years
Jason Witten is a sports endorser for Advocare
 I got the honor of listening to him speak
I was in Dallas last week for Advocare leadership
He surpassed all my expectations
I am forever a fan

Favorite memory from last weekend
AdvoCare Leadership Conference

Casino Night fun!

I have made the most amazing friends through my journey with Advocare
These women inspire me daily with their BIG dreams and hardwork
We got to play dress up last weekend for the Presidents Party
 Favorite Friday Verse 

Thank you Jesus!
This verse brings me such joy
We will sin
We will fail
Every. Single. Day
Multiply times a day
But you know what?
We don't have to live in constant fear, guilt or shame
He does not condemn us
We have been redeemed
We have been forgiven
We are LOVED

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