Monday, September 8, 2014

"Blogger in progress"

I am a "blogger in progress"

I had planned on on blogging about five things about my week on Friday
I also had this grand plan on blogging every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
That has not happened
However, this morning I woke up to major rain in Arizona
I mean like record breaking rain fall
Schools cancelled, business closed
It is quite amusing to me, being from Seattle, that rain was the issue shutting down the city
But I also know that Arizona isn't as equipped as Seattle is to handle all the downfall

Nonetheless, the news told us to stay inside 
I couldnt resist a cuddling up with the sound of rain pouring down
It finally felt like a fall day and I truly felt at home 

So I decided to blog!

Here is my Five on Friday...or Monday 

1) Seattle Seahawks Thursday Night Football 

Can you say Superbowl bound... AGAIN!
I absolutely love my Seahawks and it was so fun to watch them even from Arizona

2) It is fall! 

Well, almost
Technically the first day of fall isnt until later this month
And it is 90 degrees outside
But nothing will stop me some putting up some decorations 
And light some yummy candles 

HERE is a fall post I wrote last year that shows the beauty of fall in Seattle
And another one HERE referencing His Grace and fall 

3) Will you be my bridesmaid?

One of my oldest and most cherished friends is getting married next July
She ask her bridesmaids in the most adorable way!
I am so honored and excited to be a part of her big day
Thank you Lisa!

4) Answered prayers

Do you ever feel like your prayers are not being heard?
I have been feeling like that lately
You see, I have BIG dreams and prayers that seem impossible
I know God is working on my behalf to answer those
Arizona was an answered prayer and stepping closer to those
But there is one prayer that I have been circling for almost three years now
Somedays are easier than others to keep the faith and hope

These Bible verses came at exactly the right time
Isn't that always how God works?
He reminded me that He hears every prayer
Every cry out, every praise

"For every one prayer, the Lord is working out 10,000 things on our behalf to make it happen"
- Christine Caine 

He hears
He knows
He will answer

5) Dreaming of Africa 

Something about maps and the world makes my heart giddy
My trip to Ethiopia only ignited my passion 
I hope that my life will forever be a life of giving and serving 
Excited to see where I can go next 


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