Monday, December 8, 2014

Much to be Thankful for

My brother Jon, (far right) is home for the first time in 15 years for Thanksgiving
The four Christensen siblings together again!
Chris, Beth, Me, Jon and Beth's kids Hudson & Jace 

This year I am changed
I feel different than years past 
I know I am different
And not because I live in Arizona, but because thankfulness floods my heart, daily
That has not always been the case

I have learned that happiness is not found in things, status or comfort ood
I have learned that the only true fulfillment is my relationship with Christ 
Because of Him, I have chosen to chase my dreams over complacency  
Because of Him, I have chosen to seek joy over self pity and doubt 
Because of Him, I have so much HOPE about my future I get giddy
Because of Him, I have found more peace 
I am Thankful 

The only explanation is the fact that I have chosen to seek the Lord in my life more intentionally 
I have chosen Him to lead, to guide and move in my life than ever before
I chose Him and He has provided 
I am thankful 

I have been so overwhelmed where my life has gone, I catch myself saying "that is just crazy" 
When really it is just our God being who He is 

Loving my time with my sister! 

My life brings new challenges, blessings and adventures daily  
Sometimes I wonder how I deserved such a blessed life
Then I remember that we don't deserve anything in this life
He graciously sacrificed for us on the cross so we can receive Him 
I am thankful 

God graciously gives us His Grace daily
He deeply loves and always forgives us 
He wants a relationship with us still 
We don't deserve, but He gives
Because that is who He is
He is worth all our praise and thankfulness

The whole Christensen family 2014

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  1. Amen. Amen. A thankful heart is a mark of a maturing Christian. Love this post and the photos.


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