Friday, November 28, 2014

Living an answered prayer

I am sitting here at the gate ready to board my flight home
My heart is overflowing with joy 
As much as I found a home in Arizona, my heart longs to be home for the holidays
And as I sit here in Arizona, I realize this very experience is an answered prayer

The past couple years I felt a change in my heart
A small sense of longing to "go home" for the holidays
And not just an hour drive from Seattle 
Something deep inside me wanted to have that moment of "going home" 
I see now that God has been preparing me for THIS very holiday season
Finally, the season of "going home"

I sit here watching the sunrise over Phoenix at 7:30am
In just 3 hours I will be in the cold Seattle rain 
I will be home
My sister is picking me up with nephew Jace
My dad already has planned for us to tag our Christmas tree 
But not without stopping at Starbucks on our way

I will be home for a month
Come january I will be heading toward Arizona again
Down to my new home
Another transition for me
I already know that next holiday season will not be like this one
I will probably have to chose between coming home for Thanksgiving or Christmas
Christmas will always win

It is apparent The Lord is in the business of change
Not for the better or for the worse
Just changing my life for His adventure  
Someday I will have my own house to decorate
My own tree to tag and cut down 
My own traditions to start 
Things I so desire

 My heart is longing for the unordinary, the radical, the uncomfortable life
My sense of adventure is high
I don't want a normal life compared to the society
I also desire to get married one day
I want to encourage and support my husband in his radical, 
unordinary, uncomfortable and adventurous life & big dreams 
I know the risks for these dreams are being away from family, even during the holidays
But living the unordinary journey of faith and having an adventurous Godly marriage is a risk I am willing to take

But right now my heart will fully enjoy being home for the holidays and all its nostalgic and joyful memories

All roads lead home for the holidays


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time back home. Me and Roman experienced "going home" for the holidays for the first time this year, and it does make that time so much sweeter.

  2. welcome back to washington for the holidays :) :) i hope your time here is full of rejuvenation and refreshment and an excitement to get back to the new life you're building with the Lord in arizona. maybe you'll even want the sun after the cold weather here ;D


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