Monday, November 3, 2014

November Wishes

Happy November! 

I have been listening to Christmas music since beginning of October 
But now it is TRULY the start of the holiday season- at least for me!
(cue Mariah Carey "I'll I Want For Christmas") 

This past weekend, I got to spend Halloween with my Arizona family
It was sure different to spend it in 80 degree weather than pouring down rain
But I am getting used to the fact everything is just hotter down here
I really do love Halloween but I love Thanksgiving & Christmas more 

My adorable nephews, sister and brother in law- Missed them this year!
I couldn't spend this holiday with my own nephews but thankfully I got to spend it with these cuties! 
I got super creative and was a Notre Dame football player - or something like that

 Before I share my November goals lets review my October wishes: 


1) Find a pumpkin patch!  FAIL- But I saw a bunch of cute pictures of them but never went to one. I think this was the first year I can think of I didnt go to one! Tradition will start up next year!

2) Day trip to Flagstaff, Arizona - Adding this to November wishes!

4) Help one person jumpstart their health 
and/or finance dreams through the vehicle of AdvoCare - I have THREE new people on their way to a healthier lifestyle, more energy and more control before the holiday season, starting with the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge! 

3)  Attend a high school football game- Didn't go to a game but I found some high schools around me and drive by during a game- not the same I know!

4) Workout 4x a week- Thank you Crossfit ARMS! 

5) Update my blog 2 or more times a week-
YES! Getting better every month- I think! 

6) Write five personal hand written letters - Wrote 3 though!


1) Focus on my eating more and fueling my body AFTER a workout
2) Find a NEW hiking trail 
3) Explore Sedona or Flagstaff
4) Research 3 non-profits and schedule a informational interview
5) Find a new holiday album  

Happy Holidays! 

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  1. Sounds like lots of exploring to be done this week! Feeling super excited for you! Oh, I have a feeling you won't have any trouble being and feeling thankful. Good luck!

  2. We just started listening to Christmas music at the beginning of this month but I normally break it out in September, I'm totally behind this year!
    I love your wishes for the month!


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