Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lions and Tigers and...Coyotes, Oh My!

Besides the amazing sunsets, I heard Arizona has amazing hiking
I have not been yet because the weather has been so hot
However, with the weather cooling down and no Crossfit this morning I decided it was time

I pulled over to the side of the road along the first trail 
I got out of my car, my AdvoCare Spark in hand ready to take on the hike
Then I saw a dog run across the road
Wait.. thats not a dog.... 
You guys, it was a freaking coyote!

You better believe I got back in the car faster then you can blink
No way I was hiking that hill with a coyote on the lose!
So, I drove a couple miles away to another hiking trail
I saw more cars and more people along this hike so I figured it was safe
(aka coyote free) 

After halfway up the hill and after about 76476762 times of almost rolling my ankle,
I realized that my old nikes wont cut it
The rocks are brutal and everywhere and hiking boots are a must
I also realized that even though it is Oct. 30th it is still hot and I ran out of water
Oh, I have a lot to learn about hiking in Arizona

However, I now know all the hype on hiking in Arizona is true
In spite of almost becoming dehydrated, almost rolling my ankle and almost being attacked by a coyote (ok, might be exaggerating a bit)  it was still a beautiful and peaceful time 
I look forward to discovering many more hikes during my Arizona journey 


  1. Oh, Arizona is so different than I am used to! It's so hard to imagine places being so warm still (while I'm freezing here and we've got a lot colder to go), but looking at these photos helps to warm me up a bit. :)

  2. Arizona looks beautiful, hope you are settling in well there! It is absolutely freezing and chucking it down with rain here in the UK, so I am very jealous of your hot weather!

    Gemma xx

  3. These photos are stunning! We went hiking over the weekend at Providence Canyon and had a blast. I love spending time outside enjoying God's creation. :)


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