Monday, October 13, 2014

Motivation Monday- Don't grow weary- KEEP GOING

Since I moved down to Arizona 
Since I have started pursuing AdvoCare
Since I started dreaming big and not looking back
I have heard people criticize and question my life
To be honest, sometimes the words cripple me 
 I freeze
I doubt
I question 
It may only be a minute or a week (refer to this POST

But then I remember that I am not living their life
My journey is between God and myself
A journey I don't quite understand at the moment
I may will stumble, fall, trip, make a bad decision and I will fail 
And they might think they are right

And after I have picked myself back up, I simply remind myself that when I fail it is not the end
It is just a small reminder that I am at least trying, moving and working towards a goal, a dream 
I am learning more than ever that most people don't try at all 

I will get back up
I will keep moving forward in the midst of fear and in the midst of doubt

I would rather fail in trying to accomplish my dream then not have a dream at all 

I always want to be a woman who dreams, trusts and then acts in faith

You can't just sit there and wait for it to come to you
Progress only happens to those who seek it our and work for it
- Robert Kiyoski 

World changers are always on the path everyone else said wouldn't work
Don't grow weary- KEEP GOING
-Sandy Krakowski 


  1. I LOVE the name of your blog! My focus on life is to enjoy the journey despite every obstacle that we face in life. Those struggles are the ones that in the end teach us the most anyway. Hope you enjoy Arizona! I just moved away in May to California, but Arizona has my heart (especially because of its beautiful sunsets).

  2. Haters gonna hate!! We know all about those kind of people! ; ) Proud of you, keep growing, learning, exploring, adventuring and discovering- faithfully! You are already being rewarded very richly. Miss you!


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