Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Falling In Love

First off Happy first day of October! 
Seriously, where did September go?
No, wait, where did summer go?!
I find myself saying that every time this time of year 
I think it went by faster this year for me because of so much change 

Nonetheless, the Fall season is one of my most favorite times of the year 
This year will obviously be different now since I wont be in Seattle
Good thing I have my pumpkin spice candle burning and my siblings to send me pictures 

I have been living in Arizona for over two months now
I have really love it
In fact, I love it so much it almost scares me
I never, ever imagined living away from my family
Seattle was far enough (an hour away) much less another state

I should not be that surprised since I believe this whole move was Gods idea
However, I didn't expect to be at such peace or to fall in love with Arizona
Though my last couple posts have been about some frustrations, 
I do know that God truly has blessed me more than I ever imagined down here

I wanted to write about some of the things I have been loving about Arizona
My new home...for now

- The monsoons- I thought I have seen rain living in Seattle. I was wrong. I guess this summer  has been one of the worst seasons for monsoons in Arizona. To me it didn't seem like that much rain, I mean I am from SEATTLE! However, since Arizona is not made for rain, the ground does not absorb it therefore, it would flood pretty bad....which means I never left the house.
That was ok with me, I would just go outside watch and listen
It feels like home

- The AMAZING sunsets- OH.MY.GOSH. Yu know, I love my Seattle sunsets don't get me wrong, but the Arizona sunsets literally take my breathe away- every single night.

- The desert is actually a beautiful landscape. I swore I would never see any place more beautiful than the northwest. That was until I moved. I have driven ALOT since I have been here
I have tried to take different routes places so I could experience Arizona
I have come to conclusion that I really do love the desert scenery

- The sun- ALL the time. I moved right in the middle of summer. I was literally thrown into the fire. It was around 110 degrees average this summer. Everyone kept telling me to wait it got better. I could not possibly comprehend it would get cooler. But now the mornings and evenings are cooling down and I finally get to be outside longer than 5 minutes.
It feels amazing.

- The lightening storms- nothing is like the storms down here

- Grand Canyon/Sedona- I haven't been to these places yet, but I plan on taking a day or two and exploring the area.

- My new church- City of Grace in Scottsdale. I feel at home. When I first decided I was moving down to Arizona I had another church in mind. I went there a couple times but then I don't even remember how I found City of Grace and I fell in love. It has been the biggest blessing since being down here. I have met amazing group of women, a church I can believe in, support and donate my time, money and worship.

- I have friends! I have been very blessed by the people the Lord has placed in my life
Since moving here I have had to step out of my comfort zone often to meet new people
It has been worth it

These are just a few of reasons how I fell in love with Arizona
Sometimes I cant tell if I actually really love Arizona or if I just really love my new life

I will miss fall in Seattle
I will miss the changing of the leaves and their vibrant colors
I will miss going to the pumpkin patch with my family and nephews
I will miss the crisp, cold air
I will miss wearing boots and scarves daily

Even though I may have to drive longer to see the changing of the leaves
I am looking forward to fall in Arizona
I truly feel God is transforming my heart and preparing it for a radical new season
New home
New comfort
New and bigger dreams
New platform


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  2. I've always wanted to visit Arizona. I've heard so many wonderful things about it.

    I moved away from most of my family about 3 and a half years ago, and while I hated leaving, I love that I have really found myself. I learned a lot about myself, my husband, and most importantly how to trust God. His plans are always greater than our own!

    On another note, you left a comment on my blog, and it said you were a no reply blogger, so I wanted to check and see if you got my response. I posted it on my blog as well. :)

  3. That is a STUNNING sunset!! I thought South Georgia sunsets were beautiful, but I've never seen anything like that. So glad you are loving your new home!! :)


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