Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thoughts this Saturday

Happy Saturday!

I took the morning off of my normal workout- Crossfit- see below 
I decided I should do a sprint track workout
It has been colder in the mornings now since October hit so it wouldn't be too hot
or so I thought
I haven't explored the area I live in very much so I thought this would be a good chance for me
I looked up a local high school and decided I would head to their track
Accept, it was locked
And I mean no way I was going to climb through, above or around this gate

Option B- I would look to see if there was a community track
No such luck, however, I did run into a massive park with little kids playing football
I thought it would be a nice activity to get out and watch them for a bit
I parked and walked outside to the sideline to cheer for the kids I don't know
I was dressed in black tank top and black shorts I started to get really hot
Geez, it is October how hot could it be?!
Well, it is still 90 degrees outside and wearing all black doesn't really cool me down
After about two minutes I decided that was all I could take

Moral of the story: It is still hot in Arizona in October

I decided it was Gods was of saying not to workout and go write
Cant argue with God, so here I am at my Starbucks in air conditioning 
Wearing yet again all black nike pants and a black long sleeve
I guess I will never learn

1) Writing has been my therapeutic activity lately
I love writing for my blog but I have also felt the Lord placing another big dream on my heart
  Literally every waking moment all I want to do is go Starbucks and write
I really do not know how or when God will fulfill this dream but I have been reminded lately,
 that impossible is Gods starting point

Even if people dont read it- write anyway
Even if it wont get published- write anyway  

2) Crossfit workout
I never thought about doing it until I got down to Arizona
And guess what? I absolutely LOVE it! 
I have made some new amazing friends and found a workout I enjoy

3) Just another beautiful sunset in Arizona
They take my breath away every single night
I wrote about what I love about Arizona in this POST 

4) Inspiring quote by Christine Caine
I just finished her book Unstoppable and now reading Undaunted
She is one of the most inspiring women I know
She encourages me to not be daunted by my human limitations but look to Gods strength
Every one of us have a story to share
 I don't always know where I am going, what God is up too, or if I am doing it right, but I can be encouraged that one day my story will become a beautiful testimony

5) Lean by Halloween- AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge
We had amazing success with our "Lean out by Labor Day" group
Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or overall wellness, 
the 24 Day Challenge helps jumpstart your body to reach your goals!
Join us in this month to help create a healthier lifestyle going into the holidays! 
If you want to join us I would love to help you get started! 

6) Long sleeve weather- well, morning and evenings that is 
Unlike Seattle that is already rainy and averages 70
The mornings and evenings down here it has got as cool as 65 degrees!
I can not wait for when It becomes below 80 degrees during the day 
Nonetheless, I am loving this Arizona journey and I will continue to appreciate the heat ...
... for now

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. I love this: "impossible is God's starting point." YES!!!


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