Wednesday, October 8, 2014

No, I am not a senior citizen

A friend of mine so kindly pointed out to me today, that just because I live in a senior citizen community, doesn't mean I need to act like one (Don't worry, no offense taken) 

Another night and I am found at Starbucks
The barista even mentioned, "You are here almost every night!"
Yes, I know I don't have much of a social life lately
My idea of going out these days consist of Chiptole and a Netflix movie 
Or stopping by the local ball fields and watching some nightly baseball games 
Which was surprisingly calming and I witnessed the most beautiful sunset 

But you know what? I am completely ok with that
I wrote in this THIS post that I dont know why I am down in Arizona
Most days I dont even know what to do when I wake up

Some weeks I feel lost and unmotivated 
Other weeks I am filled with vision and purpose 
Last week of one of those weeks I was filled with purpose and hope 
I felt the Lord telling me some dreams to pursue 
All I wanted to do was write and dream
I was one fire and I felt the Lord leading me, reminding me He is in control

However, this week was one of those weeks I feel more lost
  I find myself a little confused and questioning again 
Are you sure Lord? How is this going to happen? 
I am reminded that sometimes the world wont always agree with my dreams
The world doesn't care how I am feeling or "what the Lord told me"
The world might laugh and think I am losing my mind

However, even in the midst of a hard week I still feel at peace
I am at peace that I moved to Arizona
 I am at peace where I am headed- even if I dont know where
I am at peace that I am in a season of restoring, dreaming and preparing

I am aware that every week is not going to be easy and consumed with purpose
But I do know Who is in control of my life 
I know that God's plan is bigger than my pity parties 
I know the "plan for my life is filled with hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11 
I do know that "His plan will be better than I can ever imagine" Ephesians 3:20 

And when I need it the most, I am reminded again in a song, a bible verse, a phone call or text, a sermon at church,  to never lose the Wonder of His mercy 
I am reminded again of that dream He has placed deep within me and I keep going

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  1. Lovely heartfelt post :-) I too can feel filled with vision and purpose and then a bit deflated and lost a few days later. The key is to just focus on your dreams and make them happen and nt worry about the dreamstealers! Best of luck with everything!


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