Saturday, November 7, 2015

In The Waiting...Don't Wait

Let me take you back to when I was in preschool
I remember asking my mom if I could wear a dress to impress a boy I liked
I had a crush on a boy every single grade since then
(just ask my sister!)

When I was younger I would be the only girl invited to all boy parties
I was what people called “boy crazy”
But I did not care

So, at an early age I was familiar with the desire to "be in love" 
I did not know exactly what marriage was at that age, but I knew I wanted it

As I graduated high school and started college, it seemed only natural for me to meet my husband freshman year, get engaged senior year, married after graduation, move back to my home town, buy a house with a white picket fence, have 2.5 kids, a dog and start my carpool duties

So, that did not happen after college
And it didn’t happen at 23, 24, or 25 either
So, you can imagine my frustration when I was 26 years old, most my friends were married, in fact I was in most of the weddings, and I was still totally single

On the outside it looked like I had a good life
Living in the city of Seattle, great job, great friends and family
But inside was empty
I was not fulfilled at all
I was lacking purpose and passions in my life
I was just existing and not living to my full God given potential
Not even close

One evening, I knew I had to confront my life
So, I asked myself “what am I waiting for?”  

I realized that I had put all my dreams on hold while I was “waiting” to get married
I would tell myself I would wait until I was married to do this or do that
"I will wait until I am married to find a home church, move out of the state, or go on a mission trip"

Ethiopia- July 2014 with my mom and four other daughters and mothers 

One evening in October 2011, I drew a line in the sand
I decided to start taking action steps to pursue my dreams

I started getting involved with non-profits, which was a passion of mine
 I started investing in my health goals, which is how I started with AdvoCare
I said NO to the business right away , but when I got my first check of $150 which I used to go to Nashville to run in a half marathonfor St. Jude, which was a dream of mine, I saw AdvoCare as a vehicle to pursue more dreams

I said YES to start my own business with AdvoCare
Within, the first three months I saved up enough to go on a mission trip to Ethiopia, which was another dream of mine

Last spring I felt God calling me to move to Phoenix to pursue some dreams of mine
Because the income I was making with Advocare and my commitment to pursue my dreams, I stepped out in faith, left my job, my friends and all my family in Seattle and moved toPhoenix

My best friend Molly, who I would never have met if I didnt move or pursue AdvoCare
My sister Beth on the right, visiting me in Arizona at my HOME church

So, here I am today, working at a non-profit, which is a passion of mine
I  have a part time business helping others in health and wellness with AdvoCare
I have been to Africa
And moved away from home, and found an amazing home church
 All without being married

My life is not how I imagined it
Not even close
But guess what?
I  am more happy now than I was when I was "just waiting"

So, whatever you are waiting for, whether it is to get engaged or married, to buy a house, to fall in love, to start your own business, for an addiction to be broken, whatever it may be
 I want to encourage you that there is a whole life to still be lived while in the waiting

There are dreams to be fulfilled in the waiting
There are adventures to be had in the waiting
There is love to be found in the waiting
There are goals to accomplish in the waiting
There is growth and transformation in the waiting
There is joy and Grace in the waiting

Some of my best friends I met at City of Grace- My HOME church 

So, here I am at 30, and still not married, the desire still strong, yes, and if you would have told me when I was 18, that this would be my life at 30, I would have never believed you or would have punched you in the face for speaking that over my life (just kidding...maybe) 

But now, I have a completely different approach on my life while in the waiting
You will never see me on the sidelines of life
I will always be running full speed in the race that God has laid out just for me

Yes, I fail and stumble sometimes
I make mistakes and I offend people
But I am not waiting anymore to chase my dreams, pursue my passion, or take adventures

I know that some dreams are meant to be lived now and I know that when I get married we will create new dreams, new adventures, and new experiences together

I want to encourage you, while you are in the not wait

Something amazing happens when you choose to have a decided heart and start pursuing those passions that stir up your soul and sets it on fire 
Doors start to open for you, people come in your life that bring purpose, opportunities come up you never imagined, and you will start to see that there is a beautiful and thrilling life that needs to be lived in the waiting

“Never allow waiting to become a habit. 
Live your dreams. Take risks. Life is happening now.”

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