Friday, December 11, 2015

Living My Answered Prayer

Me and Sarah! 
This is my roommate Sarah
She was the original dreamer of Arizona
Almost two years ago she came to me and said, 
''Jess, I am moving to Arizona and you have to move with me"

The old me would have laughed at a statement like that
The old me wanted Seattle to forever be my home
But you see, at that time in my life I knew God was calling me somewhere else
Calling me into something different with my life
 Calling me to use my desires, strengths and dreams elsewhere

I guess it was Arizona and that following summer we drove down to a new chapter! 

Arizona winter evenings are my favorite 

We have been living in Arizona for a year and a half
God has given us community, fellowship, and comfort
To say we both LOVE Arizona would be an understatement

But just because we have a deep peace that Arizona is where God called us, does not mean the transition has always been easy or painless 

Most days I doubt where my life is going
 I wonder why God called me to Arizona
Moments my heart physically hurts to see my family
Pain from losing close friendships 
Heartache from relationships
Fear my dreams won't come true

Then something happened last night that changed my whole perspective
Let me share quickly a little about Sarah 
Sarah was along side me working at Seattle Pacific for four years
We lived together in Seattle for two years 
Sarah knew the ache in my heart for more
Sarah knew my dreams and longings
I will forever be grateful for Sarah taking a leap and asking me to move with her to Arizona

 Sarah and I were on our way to have a roommate Christmas date at local, cute Arizona restaurant called The Henry, we walked in on a beautiful evening, Christmas lights around cactus', Christmas music playing, cool, brisk weather of 60 degrees, dressed up for the first time in a long time, on our way to celebrate the holidays in a city that is now our HOME

....The Lord compassionately stirred in my soul and reminded me, "Jessie, remember you ARE living an answered prayer." 

One of my absolute favorite people in my life- than you for your YES Sarah!

 Remember the times sitting at your desk in Seattle crying because your heart longed for a change?

Remember praying to Me to make your purpose bigger and to enlarge your territory?

Remember daydreaming about life in Arizona and how excited you would be IF ONLY you could leave now? 

Remember that life with no vision?
Remember that life of wanting a stronger purpose?
Remember that life of small dreams?

I have been so consumed with what is NOT happening in my life in Arizona I forgot ALL that God has brought me out of and I simply forgot what God has already answered  or answering prayers in my life 

When we forget God the goodness of God, we forget where we have been and where we are going
And when I look back at my life I see that God has been faithful through it all
All the trials, valleys, peaks, twists, turns, doubts and fears

When I look back at my life, every single past moment God was faithful
Every single past moment He delivered me through it 
Every single past moment made me stronger
Those past slides of my life I see God's hand on me through it all

You know how I know? Because I am still here
Stronger than ever with a love for Him so deep it scares me
With dreams I never thought possible

Because of my past, I can see where I have been 
Because of my past, I can see where I am going
I know where God has delivered me

My past gives me faith for the future
My faith builds and increases because He was good
He will continue to be Good and Faithful
 He will continue to prepare me for His future plan
I have a purpose in this life
His purpose
For His Glory

Yet, it is still so easy to get distracted in this world
When things are going great in life it is easy to get content
When we go through trials and tribulations it is easy to abandon Him
We can easily forget that we are living an answered prayer 

When that happens, let's rewind my friends
Rewind the tapes of your life and be reminded where God has delivered you
He delivered you from your past and He will deliver you still
Let your past build your faith for the future

He forgives your sins—every one.
He heals your diseases—every one.
He redeems you from hell—saves your life!                                                          
He crowns you with love and mercy—a paradise crown.
He wraps you in goodness—beauty eternal.                                                       
He renews your youth—you’re always young in his presence

Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits- 

Psalm 103:1-5

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